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    Hotline Wetsuits

    Hope I can get some advice on this one. Looking for a winter wetsuit as my 4/3 hyperflexx flow flushes all the time. I'm an east coaster looking for opinions on Hotline wetsuits. There is only one guy in my area who carries them and he didn't have any XLS's in stock, and I've never seen anyone wearing them in my area. I tried on a used LS 3/2 but it fit a bit tight for my rather short stocky frame, but I'm betting an XLS will do me right. I just wanted to know if any one had any experience with the Ultra Hot Combo CCU series or the Reflex 5/4 hooded. I kinda like the idea of the full arm to arm front zip since I seem to get water in through the shoulder flaps alot. Do they hold up well? Ease of getting in and out? I don't mind spending near to 400 for a wetsuit, I just would like to get a few winters out of it. Thanks for any input.


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    Hotline Wetsuits are warmer than a comprable Xcel or something like that but they do not have the fancy soft neoprene. That is why they are extra durable for that same reason. I too wear an XLS and I almost feel like I could have gone LS in my Hotline I had because the arms and the legs were a bit too long for me. This caused the kneepads to be a bit low, rub on my traction pads, and one of the fell off after only 11 months. This was in Santa Cruz though where I wore the same wetsuit everyday all year. Zero flushing and all in all a good suit. I'd buy one again if I found a good deal; Xcels and Hyperflex suits just fit me better

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    Hotline wetsuit are really good. is a dealer.
    I work there and can get you a good price plus shippng.
    Hotline does run out of sizes. Check their stock and might be able to save you some money.
    We don't stock any suit at t-rax it's all order to size and style.
    good suit will last a couple of years for sure.