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Thread: Claw gloves

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    I went ahead and bought the Hyperflex deal too at Wetsuit Warehouse, it's like I couldn't resist the price. I was just looking for a non-5 finger glove cause my Xcel 3m 5-fingers get cold below 43-45.

    I'm pretty much limited to weekends December through February anyway. With the lack of waves, I've only used them twice. Yea, the wrist seal is big and the stitching on the inside kinda rubs against my fingers. They have been pretty warm though for now, I'm doubting they will last long. Even when I first opended them up, the glued seams look weak.

    I had heard a lot of good things about Hyperflex wetsuits, I guess their glove technology hasn't caught up and maybe that's why they are priced so low.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ragdolling View Post
    I bought a pair of O'Neil claw gloves 4-5 years ago and they were a disaster - not because of the warmth, but because they were incredibly slippery. The first wave I tried to catch I went to push myself up and both hands slipped off the board and I did a face plant onto my board. It kept happening and I had to ditch the gloves. I even tried waxing up my gloves but that didn't work. Thing, is, they had this slick looking layer on the palms that, when in the store, made it appear as though they would have MORE gription. But it turned out they had less. The newer ones seem to have rectified this, from what I can see...
    I got a pair of patagonia r4 gloves for xmas. Havent used them in the water yet but seem well made.think I might be doing some faceplants though ,all slick on the palms , will see

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    every claw glove i have ever owned has formed a hole between the first finger and the other three
    That always happened to me as well. It also always happened between the fingers on 5 finger gloves as well.

    I now wear Xcel 7mil mittons. Super warm, and no leaks in their third season. Prior to these gloves I was lucky to get through a season with a pair. I highly recomend these, although they aren't cheap.

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    Claws are awesome, get them. But i really wish that they had made the 2 and 2 finger claw gloves. like this

    but yeah lobster claws are the best

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    body glove vapor 5 mil 5 finger.God gave us 5 fingers for a reason