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    Surfing in Idaho

    EVEN is a surfing company located in Boise, Idaho. Yes, surfing in Idaho. Now this is obviously not ocean surfing. But if you don’t live near an ocean, bungee surfing is a great alternative. Bungee surfing brings the feel of surfing and the tricks of skateboarding to the land-locked masses, that are not fortunate enough to live near an ocean. Bungee surfing rides are longer and faster than the average ocean surf ride. Bungee surfing won an award for “Best new sporting goods product” of the year at the world’s largest sporting goods trade show. This is a “green”, earth powered sport. For many, many years kids who live nowhere near an ocean have been buying ocean surfing brands and thereby supporting your sport. Here is your chance to return the favor. Visit
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    Uhhhhh isnt this just wakeboarding without the boat??

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    Bet you joined just to post this crap.... stay in the river

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    Thumbs down Negative, ghostrider

    Checked out the video on the website because I was intrigued. That's not surfing- at best, it's skim-boarding (and OCEAN skim-boarders would probably hate me for even calling it that). And those skim rides are not longer than a typical ride on a wave in the ocean, on a surfboard...if you have any degree of competency in surfing. Idaho surf lifestyle????

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    stick to potatoes and blue turf

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    I guess it's better than touching yourself on a tire swing or something but to me the only really awesome thing about this link is the cute girls... even if they're only 15

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