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    When interested in a career in publishing, marketing or advertising working an internship is a must. That's just how it is. Sure you have to work crappy hours, generally don't get paid or don't get paid very much and you end up being an errand-boy a lot of the time but the experience you get while studying is essential to your first job. Everyone has to do it, it's like paying your dues. Doesn't matter if it's print or digital, the media you produce is arbitrary to the general industry, but the posting did say there was work involved with their website. And yeah, could you imagine the connections you would make in that office? Screw getting paid, all the money in the world could not buy those types of relationships and experiences...both in the world of surfing and publishing. Whoever actually lands that spot is a very very lucky person.

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    my engineering internships have always paid bank.

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    Quote Originally Posted by njsurfer42 View Post
    off topic, but IMO, print will never be dead as long as there are people (like me) who prefer hold something physical in their hands while they read...
    Yeah, I like having a physical book/magazine/newspaper in my hands when I read too, but I also played with tonka trucks in the mud when I was little. How many kids do you know now that do that? They'd rather play with virtual cars on their playstations and gameboys. it makes perfect sense that when they grow up they'd prefer to get their reading through some sort of computer. Journalism will still be alive; only the medium through which it is dispersed is changing. The eradication of printed material is inevitable with environmentalists concerned about paper consumption in addition to high costs of reprinting, distributing and storing physical books. Just to make it clear, consider a book costing $5 in a bookstore and $5 to download online. If it cost the publisher $1 to print the book, $1 to ship it to the bookstore, $1 for shelf space in the bookstore, and $1 for royalties for the author, he is only making $1 of profit per book as opposed to an online retailer who makes $3 profit per book because he only has to pay $1 for website maintenance and $1 for author royalties.

    There are paradigm shifts taking place in all industries, even surfing. People complain that popouts are putting shapers out of business and that is unfortunate because I prefer hand shaped boards too, but the world changes and there is nothing we can do to stop it. So if you're 13 years old, think about some other career alternatives first before you aspire to become a shaper. If the world weren't like this, we'd still be living in feudal societies and be illiterate.