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Thread: Xcel Wetsuits

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    Xcel Wetsuits

    Purchasing a new winter suit. Dry-Lock 5/4/3 Vs. X-Zip 5/4/3. Anyone had any experience with either and is the Dry-Lock worth the extra money?

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    Xcel Wetsuit

    Hey mate,

    Yea I just got the Xcel wetsuit, its semi-dry lock version with bamboo thermal insulation 5.4.3 and itís sick, I was actually too hot when I went out end of November! Am really happy with the suit, it let in like half a cup of water mostly through the hood section, these guys been making suits for a long time and its good quality.

    Happy Surfing!

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    Have owned both..they are both really good...i prefer the drylock..i only rock x zip two s uits in my thinner suits...

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    I have the new drylock. Still way too warm for this time of year. But one major advantage of the 2010 drylock is that the neoprene is water resistant, keeping the suit lighter weight while you surf.

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    i have an Xcel drylock 5/4/3 - it's a great suit & worth the price. my only beef w/ it has to do w/ the hood. the chin area has a small stretchy panel of softer fabric that presumably is to minimize chin-chafing. i find that this panel lets the lower portion of the hood slide down, thus exposing the whole chin to cold air/water & allowing some water to get into the suit. i prefer to have rubber covering me up to my bottom lip b/c it's warmer and it makes a tighter seal. other than that complaint (& it's a minor one, i assure you), it's a very warm, light & stretchy suit.

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    Dry Lock Xcel

    My three rules:
    1. If a brand fits you well, right off the shelf, that's critical.
    2. Buy the best and cry only once.
    3. Never EVER complain about being too warm before, during, or after a session - this from a guy who just moved to Gloucester from Carlsbad (along the coast north of San Diego) who now finds himself dressing like I'm going snowboarding just to walk the dog and contemplating suiting up to surf in 47 degree water and 34 degree air - and THAT'S in early December! As my buddy in Hampton has told me: I have to love surfing more than I hate the cold - not sure if I'll be there in mid-February.

    The final analysis: I wouldn't contemplate jumping in without my 5/4 Dry Lock - these suits rock!

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    5/4 vs 4/3

    Looking @ the drylock...cant believe its TOO warm. How long ago was that? Am dying in my 4/3 now. Also, does it pay to get the suit in grey as opposed to all black to hide any spots?

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    lol i started a thread like this but this is the same question.. i got the xzip 5/4 is ANYONE using one of these in RI or north for full winter use? im tryin to decide whether to go with the 6/5 version

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    I ended up getting the Xzip 5/4/3 with 7mm drylock boots and 5mm drylock 3 finger mits. Never been warmer in a suit and I am sure I can make it through the winter. Thanks for the info.