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    Italian Retard Out Cruisin..... HaHaHa

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    Still time to enter the drawing to win a free custom shape. Make sure to drop and entry form in the bucket when you're at the shop. The drawing will happen January 1st.

    Also, $100 off 1-on-1 surfboard shaping class if you register before Christmas. Check out the website, give a call, or stop on in the shop anytime.

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    Thanks for the help over the summer Brian!

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    Hey Vin!

    How did your board turn out? Any pics?
    Hope you're having fun down there


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    Board came out good! Anyone who loves to surf as much as I do (why else would you be on this forum?) and has the time/space to do so , I rec they try It at least once. GooD Luck with your new shop!

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    Congrats Brian

    Congrats on the new shop! Lets see some pics of the inside. Thanks for those powerpads the other day!