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    January in Europe? I wouldn't waste my time hitting any of the Northern European cities..I'll go ahead and tell you what to expect.... Cold and rainy , believe me I know...spent many a winter in Germany (weekend trips to Paris/Amsterdam/Belgium etc) when I had a Fraulein of me own... instead If I were you, I'd try and hit every coastal area from Brittany in France all the way down to Andalucia in Spain. You can always do the touristy bigger city stuff when the weather is more warm and inviting. good luck you're gonna have the time of your life!

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    For the month of January I will be backpacking solo throughout Europe. My itinerary is pretty much wide open, as I have a Eurail pass and can go where I like. I'll be starting in Switzterland, spending a week snowboarding, then I'd like my way to the Atlantic coast of Spain, North or south I'm still not sure.

    Anyone travelled these parts in this time of the year? any hints, tips, or tricks are highly appreciated. I'll be staying in hostels and wouldn't mind getting some instruction, as I've never had any in my 5 years of surfing. Thanks guys

    That's awesome man!!! You are going to have the time of your life! Be sure to check out France! The surf scene there is pretty insane! They have like outlet shops of just surf brands!

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    Italy. Specifically Cinque Terre. You will thank me for that. Don't come to Germany, it sucks here. This area is like Chicago. A blast in the summer, but downright gloomy in the winter. Besides, cold weather means no beer gardens are open.