12 Foot Tiger Shark

Discussion in 'All Discussions' started by ChavezyChavez, Jun 30, 2016.

  1. PintailDonkey

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    May 4, 2016
    It is Topsul... no question.

    As for your position on low tide... you are dead wrong. Most of our swells are local wind swells. With local wind swells, tidal push has nothing to do with it. On the rare occasions that we have a medium to long period swell, tide comes in to play. Instead, what tide works best depends on the current state of the sandbars. Dead high can be fun by jetties and piers, but barely braking elsewhere. Low tide can be dredging barrels, helped by rips, or close out crap... but tidal push is irrelevant.

    Before you act like you know something about somebody else's place... make sure you actually know something.
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    Jan 21, 2009
    I hear ya. I guess you disagree with Surfline and every other information source about topsul. Whatever tho. I simply asked him the question if he was going at the right tide. He starts cussing. Whatever tho. We can all agree to disagree. But if you think tides don't come into play with local windswell anywhere in the southeast when the buoys are barely moving 1 foot, I firmly disagree with you. And yeah, I don't know the current conditions of your sand bars, but at the time of his post, there was no swell. So again, whatever. If I'm wrong, ohh well. Just because you have ridden a wave at low tide, which we have all done, doesn't mean it's the "ideal" condition.

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    May 4, 2013
    zach wtf you on aboot? nc beachs break on low... 90% do... same goes for brevard and volusia...
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    May 4, 2013
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    Apr 25, 2016
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    Jun 20, 2011
    Thanks Blasters. Low tide to the first couple hours after low tide were when the small crappy surf I encountered the 18 days I was there seemed most surfable. Just going on what I saw.
    And thanks for not dispersing your army into the blue ridge mountains in April of 1865 and doing the noble thing and surrendering. It would have turned both North and South into a 19th century version of Palestine.
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    ^^^ This
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    Aug 6, 2014
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    Aug 6, 2014
    Oh, and a 8' bullshark was caught off the FB pier this past weekend. Right where hundreds of phat arse trash leaving tourons were swimming.
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    Feb 6, 2012
    Pretty sick story on the Tiger. Those things are scary and that 8' bull Lazy mentioned is crazy too. Remember how nuts it was last summer???

    On a side note, I have surfed up and down the EC my whole life....not sure who was talking about tide not being relevant is BS. Right now I have a High tide spot and a low tide spot. Both work best when the tide is pushing in. Almost any sandbar on the EC works best with an incoming tide (even if they work best at lower or higher tides). I have seen an outgoing tide create a rip and cause a wave to suck up more too. Tide definitely is relevant. How about when we have a full moon does the bigger tides become relevant....I think so.
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