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    Anybody know anything about a surf magazine from the 60's Called Surfing East?

    I have a copy and wanted to know more about the publication.
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    Here is some info:
    Published by Richard S. Van Winkle, for three years, 1965-67, and nine issues. Focused on the Northeast and based out of Ridgewood, NJ. Considered to be poorly edited and focused on contests. Others have commented that it is better than Atlantic Surfing, but in my opinion Surfing East was better overall (print quality/composition, articles, photos, etc.).

    If you have access to these two editions I would be interested:
    Surfing East, 1965-Winter, v01 n03
    Surfing East, 1966-Spring, v01 n04

    Add: Balsa Bill was one of the contributing editors. Jim Phillips also contributed as a mid-Atlantic correspondent.
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    I have a vintage (I guess) Playboy from May 1972.
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  5. My dad and his buddies were featured in that mag. Pretty sweet. Eastern Surfing has picked up the slack.
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    My dad was the Publisher of Surfing East Magazine, he passed away in April of 1992. I just recently found out that he was inducted into the East Coast Surfing Hall of Fame and I am trying to get in touch with them but have had no luck. If someone can assist I would appreciate it. Any other info that you are looking for regarding Surfing East please let me know.

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    That is awesome, good luck!
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    The ECSHOF does an induction every other year at the SIMA Surf Expo at the Orlando Convention Center in January. That's all I know. I was there for a couple, it's a grand ole time rubbing elbows with Murph the Surf, and other legendary criminals.
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    Take a look at this- hit link to countries, pick out your mag from listed journals.
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    So there is a guy named Cecil Lear who pretty much knows everything about everything when it comes to surfing, specially the east coast. He was big into the start of contest surfing and also started ESM back in the day. He probably knows your father and has some info and great stories about him.

    Cecil is a great guy, I could sit on the boardwalk for hours talking surf and listening to some surf stories from back in the day.

    You could probably google his name and 'surfing' and find a lot about him and maybe a contact... He's a friendly guy, I don't think he would mind if you contacted him...
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    East Coast Surfing Hall of Fame

    The Class of 2014

    [HR][/HR] [/FONT]

    [FONT=&amp] The Class of 2014

    David DCB Balzerak
    Shea Lopez
    Allan Margolis
    Mike Martin
    Donny Mulhern
    Greg Mungall
    Michael Nemo Nemnich
    Dean Randazzo
    Christel Rover
    Les Shaw

    Media Pioneers

    Paul Chapey
    Doug Fiske
    Ed Greevy
    John Gundersen
    Carl T. Herrman
    **** Van Winkle


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    Thanks for posting, very cool stuff (I knew there was a reason I check this forum)
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    Hmmm... from the days before plastic???
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    I do love the days before plastic!! I don’t see the beauty in something that looks like it’s about to pop. Just my opinion
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    Yeah that link is awesome, thanks