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  1. mattybrews

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    Apr 14, 2013
    Lately I've been riding a 5'9" Chemistry Tron, but I'm looking to get a more traditional shape shortboard for bigger and steeper days. Around what size range would be a good fit for me?

    I'm 5'10", around 165 lbs. I'd probably classify myself somewhere between a novice and intermediate surfer: off and on for several years, good paddle strength, can bottom turn, ride down the line, and catch waves consistently; starting to try cutbacks when I can with some success. My recent relocation near the shore has gotten me back into surfing 3-4 times a week year-round if waves permit, so I'm making a strong effort to get better every day I go and want a board that I can grow with for a while.
  2. Andrew205

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    Mar 14, 2013
    If you like your tron chemistry also makes a handful of really nice shortboards. I have an alchemist remix and it's a great board, has the float of a fish and the maneuverability of a shortboard. It would probably be a great board for you to transition into shortboarding with and you'll still be able to catch waves easily with it and have fun on the smaller days.

  3. Sandblasters

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    May 4, 2013
    id suggest the roy stuat hotkurl, it can crave the **** out of toilet bowlz. but all jokes aside i love my 6,4 fish its great. you are the same size as me so it might do you good.
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