A seldom seen Christmas special part two

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    in a galaxy far far away no not really but the north isn't that much different. Seldom scene had just went to Bilo and picked up a six pack of sculpin IPA. as seldom scene sat by the fireplace reminiscing on last year's amazing adventure a random thought came to his head. he thought I want to have a sunny Christmas so seldom packed up his boards and got his ski filled up with high-grade petroleum and was ready to start his journey to Florida but seldom didn't want to be alone on Christmas so he decided to rent in a hummer so we could fit all of his friends. Subban was heading south but little did he know he was actually heading north due to smoking high-grade urban chugging some sculpins but he didn't care he wanted to go to Maine anyways. After traveling 300 miles into the barren redneck woods of Maine he came upon a Mysto break with a barn on it and Justin time to because he had a flat tire after hitting a raccoon, I seldom decided to go to the barn and ask for help if you heard the screeching The kind noise that makes you rethink if you're about to knock on that door. Seldom did it anyways and what to his surprise the door cracked open seldom peaked inside and he saw no other than chuck Taylor having his way with Roy Stuart on the couch on a sheepskin rug. seldom was afraid of this so he decided to run and get the **** out of there. this scared seldom so much do you need me carry out a flat tire he drove all the way to Northern New Jersey without even stopping where he was about to run into a bunch of crazy events unlike he had ever seen before . To be continued....
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    Thread is going to require a soundtrack:
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    (parallel universe story):

    Twas the night before Christmas, when throughout the site

    Not a creature was stirring, even DP slept tight

    The stockings were hung upon ole Ebay with care

    In hopes that Obama's tax collectors were not there

    My nice music vids nestled all snug in their beds

    While visions of grandeur danced within all the groms' heads

    Persian kitties purred loudly, all snug in my lap

    Having just settled down for a long winter's nap

    When upon SwellInfo arose such a chatter

    That I clicked my mouse to see what might be the matter

    And away to the site I was whisked in a flash

    Much like greased lightning before some big thunderous dash

    (to be continued...your turn)
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    take a little trip with me
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