All time iconic stoners and stoner scenes

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    Feb 11, 2010
    Yeah man Its wack. The legalization issue is the only reason I am considering moving from NC, Maybe Mass or Florida..I really thought they would include Chronic Pain in that bill (which is dead in the water) , but you seriously have to be dying or not functional or have PTSD in which you must have proof you were a first responder or in military active duty no questions asked. to qaulify...But its odd to me why everyone has ignored D8..I can only eat a half a gummy and I cannot function. And its totaly synthetic. Backward to me.......
    True story this summer I trimmed my Oleander bush and mowed over and burned the clippings to get rid of them. ( didnt know it was poision) 2 hrs later I am at the ER having heart and breathing problems. Luckily the doctor was on top of it and narrowed it down to that. Never again... Once in highschool we accidently smoked some poison ivy that was in a harvest of homegrown swag. Had to get steroids for that one... If your going to be dumb than you gotta be tough. Happy Thanksgiving you filthy animals.
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    Seriously.. here in FL you can get a medical card in 2 weeks. Renew every 8 months. Shops are everywhere. Muv..truleave..fluent..

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    Dang man. I have a friend who had to move from NC to Colorado to get his daughter CBD epilepsy treatment. He was able to move back when they made CBD legal. So f***ing stupid that you can get life-changing medicine in some states and not other because of regional political bulls***.

    I found out about oleander the hard way too. Similar story, I was doing yardwork and burning brush and I noticed that I was tripping out on something. I thought maybe food poisoning? Fortunately my sister showed up and pointed out that I was breathing toxic smoke. Any longer and I would not have been able to get away from the fire on my own. Scary stuff, but apparently not as scary as smoking a joint of Mexican dirt weed according to the idiots in Raleigh/DC.
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    Oleander sounds nasty, man... never heard of it.

    I know poisonwood is in FL and especially the Keys. That's nasty stuff too...
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    Decriminalize Nature/all plants
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    Jun 17, 2013
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    Jun 17, 2013
    No worries brah! What doesn't kill you makes you stronger. Keep the faith and try some good weed down here in the dirty souff! The surf is fickle but the jah is rock steady mon.