"Atlantic City is the worst spot to surf in NJ"- Joel Tudor

Discussion in 'Mid Atlantic' started by wavesliderac, Aug 23, 2014.

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    Jun 25, 2012
    Joel Tudor had this to say via his Instagram about the ASP hosting a longboard event in Atlantic City in coming September.

    "Hey ASP DO NOT HOLD your logging event in Atlantic City... this is the risk you are taking by holding contest at **** surf spots- if you thought Huntington was bad- just wait till you take your event to AC!"

    The thread went on for about 170 comments where Joel went on and on... most of NJ was laughing at him meanwhile the power teet cali style suckers were sucking hard as usual..

    Ok, Joel, just like any other surfer out there, is allowed to have his opinion of waves, people, etc etc. The thing I don't understand is what motivates someone like him, of his stature, to go out of his way to post to the internet- claiming AC as the worst spot in NJ... Obviously anyone who surfs here got a good laugh at that comment and will probably thank Joel for doing his part in keeping our line ups thin... however... something about this doesn't sit right with me as a pseudo fan of Joel's for years...

    Isn't Joel supposed to be a working class surfer... Just a regular guy who got lucky with surfing so he didn't have to 'pound nails with his brother'? If thats so then why would he see a town on its knees- trying to find ways to stay relevant and afloat- and kick it to the ground? If Joel is supposed to be "the voice" of longboarding and of the american surfing 'counter culture' then what the hell is the point of singling out a small surf scene in a state that has been getting more coverage than California the past year for no other reason than to take a shlt on it?

    If it was some flashy aerialist punter kid who said AC sucks... pretty sure it wouldn't even register... but for Joel Tudor... a guy who has built his brand and his image off of being a "working class surfer" to go out of his way to take a **** on a troubled ACTUAL working class town... makes me scratch my head. In my opinion, The East Coast IS working class surfing!! It aint bay watch over here lol... if you pull up to a popular spot in AC in the winter when its firing you will see mostly 10 year old + cars/SUV's blasted in local stickers... guys who took their work boots off to pull on a 5/4/3...

    I guess the point I am trying to make here is that here is a guy- who through out his movies and parts of movies and shorts etc blabs on and on about who he knows, and who inspired him, making sure you know his family -was- working class, that San Diego is a "working class town" and that Joel is just another regular guy who surfs really well... but thats not really true is it. After years of hearing about his character, being told stories about his GIANT inflated ego, then actually watching him rip apart my home town for no reason, which is suffering HARD at the moment as it is already.... Joel Tudor and his wanna be working class apologizers can nose ride off a cliff. Stay in California inside the scene you exploited to make a handsome living off of- the beast coast is tired of your ****.

    At the end of the day its all about the Cheddar... and I will never buy another item with his name on it or that was endorsed by him.
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    Apr 16, 2013
    Bro you make lots of valid points. That said, the VB cats would KILL to have such pub be spread by notable personalities about their breaks. I bet CB/WB too.

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    Sep 5, 2013
    its kinda a sht hole also. longboarding events are like the shortboard events of decades ago. first prize is like $5,000 on a good day i think. the fact is nobody really cares and you shouldn't either
  4. wavesliderac

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    Jun 25, 2012
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    Mar 14, 2014
    Pretty $hitty. Your right, it says a ton about his character. Any clues as to what his real motive was? It's odd that someone at that level would voice an opinion like that without some gain or loss involved.
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    Sep 26, 2008
    Well, look at the positive side of his remarks: people won't go there. More waves for locals.

    Besides, Tudor has long been known as a near-total douche canoe. His unprovoked diatribe is par for the douche-canoe course.
  7. wavesliderac

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    Jun 25, 2012
    haha yea I'm not arguing that the city isn't broken down in many ways... clearly it has big problems once you step off the beach and into the concrete... However... I live and work here and most of the horribleness that goes on here is from drug use and mental disorders (mostly homelessness is the biggest issue). The criminals, thugs, armed robbers etc really truly stay on their side of town. The occasional tourist-gangster run in does happen and it makes main stream news but its not the norm. This also isn't a claim that AC fires or is some kind of killer top notch break or anything. The point is simply this: I looked up to Joel for years as a surfer and as a person. Now that I am older and can read between the lines a little more; its obvious to me that the surfing was real- everything else is not. The guy plays a roll- and the public eats it up and buys his lifestyle. I won't anymore, and anyone else who still thinks this guy is cool should reconsider, and maybe not keep putting money in his pocket.
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    Dec 14, 2013
    Tudors a pretty heavily opinionated fellow, and has strong ties to the days of old. I always hear the "entitlement" in his voice. I think he started the jujitsu stuff just to match his verbal assault. Listen to most of his interviews, he starts a lot of his lines with "I dont care who you are or what you think."
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    Oct 13, 2013
    all this. parking at a meter at Tennessee av. and NOT getting your car robbed is like; fun.
    don't know tudor or gaf bout him but can't help but think he got it right cause those who would
    run and win a surfing contest here are likely poor reflections of the vibrant surf community here.
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    Jun 25, 2012
    not sure I understand what your trying to say... Joel got it right because those who would run/win a contest here are a poor reflection of the vibrant surf community?... I don't get it.

    I think Joel is wrong on both counts; the waves and the city... We hold multi-million dollar poker tournaments, huge triathlons, giant concerts, and about 32 million annual visitors (it grew from 27 million in 2009).. so theres no doubting the infrastructure of AC... *ON THE STRIP & IN THE MARINA* its nothing but hotel rooms, restaurants, clubs and bars. Last time an ASP event was held on the east coast they did it during our swell season in NYC and it was great!!! So if planned well, I do believe a contest could be held in AC and probably be a fun stop every year.

    This post was not intended to be me sticking up for AC as a surf tourism destination even though the city could clearly host a large scale event- I don't really care if this particular contest goes down or not. what I do care about someone who I look up to- who many people look up to and listen to- someone who is influential in this industry- just being ANOTHER opportunistic talking head coming out of the woodwork to stick a fork in Atlantic City. The negativity is getting old!
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  11. worsey

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    Oct 13, 2013
    i'll clarify. ac is one of the better surfing areas in new jersey so for sure he's wrong bout that. as far as
    urban ills/well we got 'em so if thats his beef he wins.

    my complaint would be about non-surfers running and winning the contests. this region produces
    a shocking amount of phonys - so if the surf indeed sucked - the formula would be phonys + slop = farce.

    there is a dedicated crew here but mostly working class/non limelight seekers...if you know the gang i'm
    talkin bout 2 firemen - class surfing acts - one whose style has nothing less than STUNNED me through
    the years....as an example of the real locals who would be pushed aside for a (farce??!!)...just so
    weeny no-name can do a photo-op with daffodil mayor?!?? how bout not.
  12. wavesliderac

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    Jun 25, 2012

    can't argue with that. most of the ac/ventnor/margate firemen/PD I know and share line ups with are stand up, hard working, good guys.. and like most events in AC.. a contest would be contrived and cornball as hell. Sadly, in my opinion, that is more of a condition of our current state of affairs in 2014 than specifically an Atlantic City problem... everything is phony. Every scene is sold out, every opinion is regurgitated. That frustration of culture being sold for cents on the dollar is what fueled this post to begin with... Joel is just another bullshlt ego tripper, lookin to sell you a dream and an attitude.
  13. zach619

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    Jan 21, 2009
    Can you post a link to his full comments? I searched his instragram account but all I see is pictures. I would like to hear more about what he meant by all this. There has to be more to it. I assume he has beef with the people running the conests. It's either about having it on the east coast in general, or maybe there were other venues in NYC/Jersey that he thought were better surf spots.

    I understand his concerns about having to perform in crap conditions. That Huntington event was garbage as he mentioned, and if held in the wrong window in AC, it could be worse. But that goes for everywhere.

    I always liked Joel's surfing. Seemed like an interesting cat on TV/Interviews, but you also don't have to dig deep to see where he is "mentally" with surfing. Below is an article from 5 years ago, with him whining and complaining about longboarding competitions and how they suck. The judges suck. The contestants suck and that he himself seems to be the only guy on earth that really "gets it".... Just read it, and that will give you a little insight into his world. How his way is the only way. People that do radical things on longboards that don't fall in line with his beliefs are kooks, and when he sees a guy on an LB do an air, he literally "quits" the contest, removes his name from the list and walks off.... Not like a boss either....


    But at any rate. He has to have some sort of deeper reasoning about the AC thing. We all know what A/C is as a city. Its a fun town. Easily capable of accomodating 10s of thousands of people for a world class event of any kind. And for surf, it's one of the better, more consistent stretches on the east coast. We know this. So, unless Joel is mad because it's not being hosted at some top secret point break in Jersey, I want to know his beef. He is a San Diego guy, with no Jersey roots, and it just seems fishy for a guy of his stature to take any kind of shot at them. It hurts his brand, it hurts his image.

    I think he must just be mad, because he is increasingly less relevant with each day that goes buy. No one is impressed with a guy on a single fin at Hospitals. Big deal. That was so 15 years ago. Guess he is mad because the little kids are beating him on contests with their "trickory"
  14. brewengineer

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    Jun 22, 2011
    AC is one of the biggest ****holes on the EC. That said, last time I was there, the waves looked solid. I can't imagine it being the worst spot in Jerz.
  15. wavesliderac

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    Jun 25, 2012

    Here is a direct link to the IG pic.. it was a pic of Virginia Beach with the caption trashing the AC contest. I know... makes no sense to draw conclusions about a wave 300 miles down the coast line from where you are even talking about...

    * just clicked on it and realized the web version doesn't let you read all the comments, so more than half of them aren't visible unless you are on the phone app.

    or you can go to his IG feed and click the pic, pretty sure its still in the top row.

  16. live4truth

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    Feb 9, 2007

    I agree with Yankee...dude's a douche canoe...I also like his comments later in the comments section...after people call him out he tells them to stop following him...and stop worrying about his post. He's marketing and (likely being paid) to run the event on the EC and then dogs it...nice touch.
  17. zach619

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    Jan 21, 2009
    Haha, I think a lot of comments have been removed.... But here was his final response...

    My internet feed here in va beach has been pretty ****ty-- I was just now able to read some of the comments-- here is my response-- for my entire life nat young, Harrison roach and countless other friends have told me how ****house the waves are in California compared to aus--- do I care, no! Do I go online and throw insults their way? No! Personally I could care less.. It's their opinion and I find it kind of funny!! My advice to anyone who follows somebody who they have never met and then stalks there page waiting to insult them is the craziest thing I've seen in a while!! Never in my life have I seen such a bunch of crybabies!!! Y'all need grow some thicker skin and get a LIFE! If you don't like me don't follow me! It's that simple!

    ---- And to the OP. I don't think he was taking a crack at Atlantic City New Jersey at all. He never mentioned that if it's in New Jersey, why have it in A/C. Just for the record, Mr. Tudor is simply talking smack about the entire east coast. He is regarding VB as AC and anywhere else. He is just saying, "Wow, there are no waves here, blah blah blah"....

    So don't take it personal, this is the view of the Majority that have come up in SoCal. Heard it a million times from a million people.

    But like he said in his comments, the truth is the truth. He mentioned how every person from Hawaii and Oz have told him his whole life how the waves in CA are nothing. He is just passing down the same uneducated, ridiculous viewpoints that have been shared to him.

    I guess we could just turn around and insult a coast that gets less waves than us.... LOOKING AT YOU GULF COAST.
  18. DaMook

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    Dec 30, 2009
    I know who you're talking about. Class act for sure. Nicest guy on the planet too. There are a ton of AC/ventnor/margate firemen who absolutely rip! However, there are the phonies, and the pro phonies, the wannabe phony phonies, and the phony hipsters who claim not to be hipster phonies (referencing stupid movie btw).

    The crowd up in ac is the heaviest in NJ, hands down. I love The waves. I hate the surfers there. Baddy, I wonder if we know each other. :)

    I saw a documentary on Tudor, all he talked about were things that were "cool". It kind of disappointed me a bit because for someone to constantly remark on what is cool and not cool, makes them disingenuous in my opinion.

    Being cool is not being a d1ck. Tudor is definitely being a d1ck.
  19. worsey

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    Oct 13, 2013
    contrived and cornball as hell. you get it; my complaint, that is...

    if the whole thing came and went this is what i'd be thinking...another surfing contest came and went and again
    they did not bother with the local surfers. even the good ones.
  20. cepriano

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    Apr 20, 2012
    when people say any spot is the worse spot they havnt stuck around long enough to see it come alive.i can take a picture of pipeline right now,completly flat and claim don't have a contest here,theres no waves.its all about the swell,no swell the spot appears shytty.who cares what a westcoaster thinks anyway,what do they know.i seen a few months ago tudor was suing his partner over their kook surfshop,not being derogatory that's the actual name of the surfshop.