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    Feb 2, 2010
    I am going on a family cruise in the end of january. We will be stopping at port on the island where nassau is. Does anyone have any experience surfing there, or any information they would like to share. I will be there for a full day and would like to surf. Any help would wonderful. Thanks in advance
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    Nov 16, 2007
    I was just there 2 months ago. I asked my sailing charter captain about surf on New Providence Island ( Nassau is on New Providence Island). He said there is ridable surf there but only a few times a year. On a huge swell out of the north it can make it's way in but even when I was there a couple of hurricanes were just passing to the north and there was nothing. The one spot that looked like it had potential was near the light house down the beach from Atlantis. We sailed to Rose Island and snorkled on the south side and then hiked over the Island to the north facing side and there were some very small waves, not surfable but maybe boogie boardable. He said that Eluethera was 50 miles to the north east (that's where the good surf is). I think there is surf on Grand Bahama (where Freeport is) but the cruise ships doc on the south facing calm side and i have no idea how to get to the other side since everyone just goes to Freeport when they dock.

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    Sep 2, 2008
    Gasp..You must mean "bodyboarding" and not boogie boarding!
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    Nov 16, 2007
    Nope it will always be boogie boarding to me :D.
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    Aug 17, 2007

    I heard about Eleuthera and thought about going there with my wife just for a chill vacation, with some surf on the side. That island has "Surfers Beach" which is basically a mostly beach break that faces the atlantic, from what I read it's mostly lefts. The island seems to be pretty undeveloped by Caribbean standards, so it also seems like a cool place just to hang out, fish, snorkel, cruise around, etc..But if I wanted to go on a serious surf excursion, I would go somewhere other than the bahamas...since your going on a family cruise, you are probably out of luck. I doubt the cruise is going anywhere near a good could try surfing the wake of the cruise maybe.. = )
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    Nov 16, 2007
    That's funny when I was on a cruise I was hanging over the back watching the wake. It was breaking at about waist high + in the bluest water I have ever seen. As we were going out a hurricane was sending swell at us from Bermuda. You could see the sets approaching and then break about 75 feet from the ship. When the wave hit the boat lurched over and there was a wave in the pool, lol. It was kinda fun being in the pool when that happened, my son loved it.
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    I've been to Eleuthera three times...December 1996, January 2000, and February 2002. There were lots of waist high days, and then a north pulse would bump thing back up to Head high for a couple days. Lots of breaks besides surfers beach, mostly reef bottom lefts. The diving is unreal. Eleuthera is undeveloped and beautiful with tall cliffs and sheltered cove beaches, no night life, I agree that it is not a "serious" surf destination due to the lack of consistency. It is more of a beautiful tropical destination, that has some good waves.

    Good winter day in Eleu (warning: horrible music and editing for the mellow waves):
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    Thats how we do it