Being dropped in on.

Discussion in 'West Florida' started by PcolaSurfer850, Aug 24, 2013.

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    Jul 25, 2012
    This is by far the funniest thread I've ever responded to, really have I ever heard of Eastern Philosophy? I must be seriously bored. Lord, please bring me some surf. For the sanctity of your soul, I read and post on these forums for pure comedy. Its a surf forum for christ-sakes. Taking it seriously is like crying when someone cuts you off on your way to the exit ramp on the freeway. The whole thing is a comedic joke, and unless you've forgotten that at least a small portion of the surf population are punk rock adrenalin junkies, then you really have not been paying attention to the reality of the sport you are in.

    What truly cracks me up is your appreciation of Jamie O'Brien, who is by far one of the biggest punks I have ever come across in the water. If you had dropped in on him like you did to the guy on your left as shown in your video, he would have left you with a black eye and two pieces of broken longboard.

    I'm not completely sure why I feel the need to respond to you other than, as I watch the growing anger masked as this Zen passive aggressiveness, and as you try to scold me for being so full of anger with a need to learn Eastern Philosophy, I want feel compelled to invite you to take a crack at my version of Eastern Philosophy. My 'this guys thumbs' will gladly show my 'Bruce Lee's fists' because I feel my pair of 'half-a-peace' signs will fail to get the point that you are most desperately in need of learning. Respect is earned, and your soft entitled mentality needs some re-education.

    You are the absolute low of the types of hippie-minded, peace, and love, BS, people that I most loathe, because at the end of the day, its an attempt to extend your weakness into an excuse to get special privilege or forgiveness for being passively self-absorbed. "Chill out man, you need to relax." **** you and your reverse wussified psychological head trip. You accuse me of being a suit, yet, I don't know what a suit is, short of one you bathe in. While you accuse me of being a suit; you're ludicrously out of your mind. You with all your fancy **** look way more of the type then I've ever even come within a five mile radius of. You stink of everything that is wrong with the surf community driven by money and branding.

    I've lived my whole life at one beach or another, and I know this for a fact, if you don't get a little aggressive, you're never going to catch waves in a crowd, but ****s like you that want to whine and cry about the bull**** of party-wave surfing is just the lamest of the lame. Go try crying your river at some place like Makaha. They run each over for fun.

    Yes, I have a few years under my belt, but those years have mellowed me. For that, you should be glad. Most significantly, anytime you want to have a truly healthy philosophical debate, I will gladly take up the challenge. I love Eastern Philosophy. Which version do you adhere to? I broke from the path because most tenets are too dogmatic, this includes Taoism. I am not on this earth to be controlled. I adhere more to Christian Anarchy as espoused by Leo Tolstoy as based on "The Sermon on the Mount." However, I have yet to achieve the true will to turn the other cheek, because honestly the soft demands of people who want respect without giving it, really, truly, just rubs me the wrong way. "Lord knows I'm weak, won't somebody get me off of this reef."

    More than anything, you've got to lighten up cuz, post stuff that will draw abuse and expect it. We love to abuse because it is fun, plain and simple. You've acknowledged learning that lesson, so - lesson learned, but do not try to extend your vitriol into a condemnation of my person without knowing me or who I am, just as you are expecting me to do to you. That's the Catch 22.

    Why does are there so many who have this attitude? They get to point fingers, but if those fingers get pointed back, I'm the asshole, angry, and aggressive. I call BS! Every ounce of your post rings with the kettle black. You were distinctly in the wrong, the whole forum has called you out for this. Move on get and get over it.

    I said I was only sending this to you in private out of respect, but its just too much darn fun to see what everyone has to say. Love ya brah, just be careful what you say, be warned, watch your words, because any misstep is just a highlight and post away. Good luck with your future delve into posting on Swell


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    You got me brah, congratulations. I know they ate people out there that ate negative and can ducks all the time. Which is why I don't associate with that kind. I'm not whining about being dropped in on. Just sharing the experience. Then I get attacked. I just don't care for people who get off on getting other people. It's like some people live to dish out verbal abuse because they have this view if the world that everything had to be a certain way. I still believe you relish in these forums and love it when you get chance to knock on someone. For a guy who had lost everything and had to find away to find peace....I think I'm doing pretty good. Your right this whole thread is a joke. Haha. Namaste.