Brand new Phil Taylor Surfboards all shapes and sizes

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    Nov 21, 2010
    There are a few Brand New and one used Phil Taylor surfboard left in inventory.

    Photos are attached but the specs are below.

    Two 8'7s x 22 x 3 "Handy size longboards" These are great single fins for long lines and surfing single fins from the tail. Trimmed slightly shorter to allow for use in larger waves and most turn-ability but flat rocker for speed in smaller waves. Great shapes and fantastic designs. $800

    One 6'3 "chub" model. This is the go to performance funshape. The happy medium between long and short, a true small wave groveler. 5 fin setup so tons of versatility; single, twin, tri or quad. $600

    One new 5'4 fish and one used 5'4 fish. This is a high performance quad fish. Ideally suited for riders about 5'7-5'11 anywhere under 180 pounds. It is high volume and fast. Ultra hard rails on the bottom half and virtually no rocker, its a speed machine. A great board in all sizes as long as it doesnt get too steep. New $585 Used $395

    I also have one used non phil taylor shape left. It is a 5'5 WRV Nugget. A fun all around shortboard. Wide in the tail and wider than your average board at 19 1/2 but still about 2 3/8 thick. Not tons of volume but will work for smaller guys. I weigh 170 and it had plenty of float even in full winter gear. 5 fin FCS setup. One large compression ding on the deck and some other cosmetic heel dings and dents. Fair+ shape. Asking $295.

    The other boards I had went fairly quick, this is the first time around posting these so let me know asap if you are interested. I live in NH but will be driving through NY/NJ, VA Beach and OCMD in the coming weeks. We can work something out if they are left.

    [email protected]

    phil5.jpg phil4.jpg phil6.jpg phil10.jpg phil7.jpg
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    May 12, 2008
    Friggin awesome color work on a couple of those. Good luck with the sales