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  1. johnnytoobad

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    Oct 26, 2009
    0A14CA5C-607C-406C-A1CC-50D85B5686A7.jpeg wow been awhile Swellinfo!!!!
    anyways me and my 1972 oceanside single fin have found our way to so cal. is south end of carlsbad campgrounds pretty legit?
    any other ideas? not north of LA
    whats the friendliest break near carlsbad. My florida break was always chill with alot of laughing!
    any help will be much appreciated. Maybe see ya in the next few days to keep the train moving!
  2. Carson

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    May 19, 2006
    Welcome to Carlsbad! The south end of the campground is North Ponto, unless you are actually in front of the campground itself. It can get pretty fun there. The wave out off the jetties can be pretty legit.

    The north end of the campground, called campground (original, I know) can be fun too, but there are some salty AF dudes there. Not fun, but it picks up the souths a little better.

    If you want the most chill spot in Carlsbad, you need to surf Houses. That's just to the south of the power plant, out in front of the houses. That is a very friendly wave with a crew of dawn patrolling long boarders that are as chill as chill gets. I surfed with them for a couple years before I went to a shortboard. If you go all the way to the south end of the house, that's Terramar, which is a super fun wave, but the dudes there aren't quite as friendly. Not unfriendly, but they won't hoot you into a set wave.

    Hit me up in a PM if you want. I usually surf right in front of the power plant at Stacks. It's a good wave for the log too.
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  3. johnnytoobad

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    Oct 26, 2009
    Not unfriendly, but they won't hoot you into a set wave.

    haha the wave at tammera.

    first we gotta set camp really hoping to catch a few this afternoon. appreciate the solid advice.
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    SCOB3YVILLE Well-Known Member

    Nov 16, 2016
    Go to San onofre. It’s 15 for a day pass and you can park it right infront if old mans or the point. Very cool.
    Camping at Carlsbad is cool too. Right on the cliff - not sure if you can camp this time of the year, but the bluffs at San onofre are cool too.

    Swells gonna pick up this weekend!
    I’m in south mission. Hit me up if you need anything
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  5. World B Free

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    Feb 7, 2013
    Thanks for sharing Gents. Some good information here for me.

    Prank and I are heading to San Diego for a couple weeks in August for a family reunion. We have been looking for mellow longboard spots and this thread has been a big help. We figure that being on EST we can hit it bright and early before family obligations impinge. As it will still be summer I expect that there will be crowds so we will sort-a play it by ear.

    We have been looking at San O and now I will definitely include Carlsbad on the list. Can you recommend anything to the South of San Diego? Don't plan on going to Mexico but I try to never say never.

    We plan on renting a van and will be staying for a few more days once the Fam has left. Camping and just plain chasing waves without any firm destination has always been a good time for us. We’ve cruised up and down the East Coast many times but this will be our first surf mission to CA. I’m trying not to get too excited yet but your posts have me frothing just a little!

    I do have one question. What type (if any) rubber should we bring. Here in Chiba City the water will still be near 90. Looks like you guys are in the 60’s at that time of year. Will a spring suit cut it or should we pack a full suit too?

    All guidance is appreciated and as always…Slide On!
  6. Carson

    Carson Well-Known Member

    May 19, 2006
    If you are going to be here in August, I would definitely check out San O. The South swells get picked up better there. Carlsbad doesn't really get much of the souths until they get to around 205 degrees or so. Just a short jaunt up to Oceanside harbor can mean the difference between 1-2 knee slappers and waist to chest. I don't know much about anything further south toward San Diego, but I think there are some spots down that way that pick up the south swells.

    Hit me up in a PM if you want. I'm just a creepy old dude that wants to take one of your kidneys. Nothing to worry about.
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  7. World B Free

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    Feb 7, 2013
    Hah! I’ve been pretty tough on my kidneys so buyer beware!

    C’mon dude, I’m not worried at all. I too am a creepy old dude. After all I may or may not be your uncle!

    I will take you up on the PM offer. Thanks Holmes.
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    May 19, 2006
    Ahhh, that's right! We are probably (not) related! Uncle World!
  9. La_Piedra

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    Oct 9, 2017
    Dude if you're in SD with a longboard then you need to visit Tourmaline Street in Pacific Beach.

    No camping, tons of old longboarders, long fat waves. Maybe you'll meet Skip Frye.

    Have fun
  10. World B Free

    World B Free Well-Known Member

    Feb 7, 2013
    Thanks Kid. I appreciate the advice.

    Actually, Tourmaline has been on the list for a while. It is just a few minutes from the hotel we will be staying at. You are entirely correct in your understanding about what we are looking for. As a dedicated longboarder San Diego has always been calling my name. If it weren’t for all the Californians there, I’d consider moving. Hah!

    I must reiterate…any and all recommendations are valued. Not expecting anyone to blow up any secret spots. Just looking for mellow laid back stylee waves and atmosphere. Beyond the actual act of surfing itself, just cruising around, chasing waves and looking for surf has always been a great time for us. You won't know what's around the next bend until you look.

    I love my in-laws but surfing is a great way to get out and explore on our own. No one can argue since we frame it as good clean “exercise”. Little do they know what other activities we engage in! Looking forward to giving my lungs a good workout with both fresh air and strong herbs.

    Oh and Kid, to your point, maybe Skip Frye will have a chance to meet me!

    Slide On.
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  11. La_Piedra

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    Oct 9, 2017
    Carson's spots are on point, as well as San O being good friendly popular longboard spots.


    North/South Garbage @Sunset Cliffs
    La Jolla Shores
    Cardiff Reef (crowded)
    San Elijo State Beach (camping w/hot showers)
    Swami's (crowded)
    Moonlight Beach

    That ought to keep you busy
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  12. Carson

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    May 19, 2006
    And wait for this mega-high tide to drop out. :)
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