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    Been to both Flores and Miramar. Got sick both times in El Salv (only once at Flores) so prolly not the best dude for providing advice as i freaking hate that place! Surf wise both are good. Stayed at a place in Miramar that changed owners - surf tours nica. It is right on the reef break. Loved it. 3 surf spots right out front with several more avaiable by boat and/or jeep. There are several places between Miramar and Sandino plus you might want to check out Transito to the south. No frills but comfortable. Windy! You surf till wind goes onshore then it drinky time!
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    I am going to Miramar this summer so I will get a first hand idea about it.

    I reached out to Jasmine for more info on Rancho Coral.

    And again fellas....

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    You mentioned your dad is older and rides a LB- if he likes lefts- and if you end up in CR and the waves are huge- go to boca barranca- a really fun and easy easy left.... cobble stone bottom so it's not too bad...
    I personally would not suggest CR, just cause it's really built up now and expensive. But if your looking for somewhere more built up and safer 'feeling' (but not really safe lol) then go to CR... I personally think it's overrated- and I like more of a 3rd world feeling too...

    Another option would be Panama- its really fun but I'm not sure about the sand bottom that you mentioned. I kinda remember it being all reef, but I went a long time ago and can't really recall.

    Peru could be a nice option too- out front of Lima is all sand bottom (I think ) like A-frames. I think it would only break at like head hi or bigger, but it's so easy to surf and it's mellow- different type of wave. And there is some fun points with a short (hour+) drive. I think they are sand/reef.
    If you go to the Caribbean- plan on winter since the most consistent waves then..
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    Jul 5, 2014
    Currently in Malpais AMA.

    Pros: beautiful beaches, surf looked pretty good yesterday but was blown out by the time I was free to get out. The house we rented is fantastic - hilltop view with a pool. Surfed for two hours without wearing a wetsuit.

    Cons: the main street is pretty busy with ATVs, dogs, potholes, the people Barry warned me about. Midday sun is no joke.

    Note: the fact that I went here on a family vacation may be a canary in the coalmine situation if you want to experience a hardcore surfer only vibe but looking around, it's way more 20-30yo surf travelers than families.

    Beats the hell out of the current New England weather.
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    If you're already set on central america, I vote the popoyo area of nica. There are 3 or 4 good breaks within walking distance - sand bottom and rock reef. The beach breaks are super hollow, and the reef point is a long mushy wall a-frame. And you are a quick car or boat ride to several other crazy-good breaks north or south, including colorados. There are also a ton of places to stay, varying in price and amenities. I stayed at hotel popoyo - they'll pick you up from the airport and shuttle you around to breaks if you dont want to rent a car. The food was awesome and lodging was pretty good and you can put everything on your room tab if you want. It isn't the cheapest place to stay around there but it was still really affordable for what you get.

    Check out when the rainy season is though before you go. Getting to that area gets a little weird in the rainy months from what i've heard. I was there during August a couple years ago and didn't have any issues.
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    May I suggest a family trip??
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    Aug 15, 2016
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    That’s bunk, never been but been wanting to.
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    Did you even read it? According to USA Today: “The department also advised Americans planning travel to Nicaragua to ‘reconsider’ their plans. 'Police presence and emergency response are extremely limited outside of major urban areas
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    I did, which is what leads me to my comment.
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    Send in the Contras!!!
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