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Discussion in 'Southeast' started by bishop, Feb 4, 2013.

  1. bishop

    bishop New Member

    Feb 4, 2013
    Hey, i am relocating from the north shore oahu to charleston within the year. Can someone please comfort me and let me know if they have been in a legit barrel within the last year? Im not expecting anything near hawaii surf by any means but im still a bit worried. I know about the inconsistency but as long as those decent days do come around once in awhile i will be ok. I have surfed folly pier once many years ago visiting a friend. Any reassurance would help.
  2. jballen2

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    Sep 5, 2010

  3. brewengineer

    brewengineer Well-Known Member

    Jun 22, 2011
    Buy a longboard if you don't have one. We have a lot of fun days, but head high stuff tends to be rare. We are victims of the same swell as most of the east coast. Folly is the better island out of the 4-5 accessible by car. Folly is sort of crowded, but will seem empty to someone coming from HI. Hurricane swell in late summer is really the sweet spot. This last August and September were very good months. Winter blows due to wind chop and small swell. I personally love this area and wouldn't move for any other location on the right coast. You just have to get used to small waves.
  4. meatloaf

    meatloaf Well-Known Member

    Nov 30, 2011
    rough. mini simmons.
  5. 252surfer

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    Dec 1, 2010
    my advice, dont leave oahu haha
  6. colonel mustard

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    Apr 13, 2011
    new skills will be required!
  7. idiot

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    Apr 13, 2011
    washout is insanely crowded for even the weakest waist high wave. You can find your own peak along the rest of the isl but it won't be as good. We had fun days this fall but too few and far between this winter
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  8. brewengineer

    brewengineer Well-Known Member

    Jun 22, 2011
    Yeah, the last few weeks have been sh1t.
  9. bishop

    bishop New Member

    Feb 4, 2013
    Thanks ah, pretty much what i was expecting to hear...I guess i should sell the step ups and put the money towards a boat... probably more fishing then surfing in the future.
  10. brewengineer

    brewengineer Well-Known Member

    Jun 22, 2011
    Don't give up, just get a log. While winter has been trash, there weren't many days in the summer that I wasn't able to find some rideable swell with a LB. Our fishing can't really compete with HI either, but there is plenty of sheepshead, black sea bass, red drum, and flounder to keep you entertained.
  11. seldom seen

    seldom seen Well-Known Member

    Aug 21, 2012
    Yeah man you'll get waves don't lose hope.
  12. WhiskeyTango

    WhiskeyTango Member

    Oct 6, 2011
    It's the wrong time of year to ask if you'll get waves... we're all counting our pennies and checking airfare.

    But honestly, I surfed 100+ days last year - some better than others. And OBX and FLA are weekend driving distance.
  13. bishop

    bishop New Member

    Feb 4, 2013
    yea i was checking OBX is like what 7 hours... probably just have to put in some work to get some shacks. PR isnt to bad of a travel either. Not to crazy about long boarding but maybe a fish may fill the gap. Do a lot of guys from the area take semi frequent trips to OBX?
  14. brewengineer

    brewengineer Well-Known Member

    Jun 22, 2011
    Not worth it to make frequent trips to OBX in my opinion. They have plenty of flat days, just like we do.