Chicama, Peru

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  1. backside hack

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    Apr 4, 2012
    Archy don't trigger me here. lol

    I'm trying to score waves without boats and SUPs. I'm already an aggro person...don't need to add to that while going on my vision quest.
  2. BassMon2

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    Jan 27, 2015
    I'd be down to go. But being recently engaged, I may be getting married. You thinking early summer or late summer?

  3. BassMon2

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    Jan 27, 2015
    That wave actually looks like heaven to me. Regardless whay Barry says, I'd get more stoked off a head high wave that just keeps going and let's you link multiple turns to a bigger wave that's either a closeout or just barrel after barrel after barrel. Barrels are great and all. But the holy grill for me in surfing is that feeling of linking turns together. That flow and cohesiveness. It gets my juices flowing
  4. archy 2.0

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    Jul 5, 2012
    Hahaha, I was actually considering going with you but a full year out is too far for me to commit.
    I'm too spontaneous.
  5. Mr.Belmar

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    Aug 19, 2010
    Chicama is an interesting waves.

    It's super fun and it can break fairly fast. I don't remember it being mush, and the wind always seemed to be offshore due to the cliff.

    Anyways- you would need to be flexible in order to catch it good. It does get bigger then head hi, there are videos on YouTube. BUT if you plan a trip exclusively to chicama and it's not in the correct season, your taking a chance at knee to waist hi waves all week. It needs to be 12ft+ everywhere else to break at chest to head hi.

    It's totally worth the trip, but I would suggest going somewhere close and if the waves get big- have a plan in place to get to chicama asap.

    I don't remember hearing or seeing any boats or SUP, but I think I went prior to the SUP era. Although, on the day of the best waves- 2 van loads of Brazilians showed up outta no where... it still didn't seem crowed. Plus you can walk up and around to the left of that pic that was posted in this thread- and there are two more points that connect to chicama and you can surf the whole way thru. The Brazilians didn't want to walk that far. Plus you can jump in the water off a huge rock, instead of wadding through rocky area in the pic. It is like a Mike walk, but you'll surf the whole way down

    Anyways, if you have the time and can plan it out well, it's worth it. If you planning on showing up for a week and hoping for a swell... well it's a chance.
  6. trevolution

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    Feb 16, 2012
    chicama is fun. surf the south coast until the right swell and hop the jet to trujillo after youved secure ur stick at feeling board for 200 bux or less for a new board. reference my thread for instructions.

    i caught pavones better but chicama was old man perfection with some juice at times and went on longer.

    also huanchaco is fun and has good cocaine. its also debatabely where surfing first took place in all of human history, pre Hawaiian. stay there until the swells right for chicama as it breaks 300 days a year and sometimes produces rides as long as a chicamas point to el hombre section when it links all the way through. more tubes and rampy sections to be found here as well

    el hombre is the exact accomodations you need for 15-20 American a night for your own room overlooking the point. Tell Delorous Trevor says hi
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