Clark Foam Modified Hitachi plane for sale----One month old-used twice!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Oct 7, 2012
    IMG_20120821_162214.jpg IMG_20120821_162200.jpg For sale is a brand new Clark Foam Modified Hitachi plane. It is the newest version to date. It was used on 2 boards. I replaced the horrible black rubbery plastic front knob with a hand turned Mahogany knob shaped more like that of a Skil 100. It works MUCH better and looks sick. Blades still razor sharp and comes in it's metal case. email me at [email protected] -Price is 325.00 firm cash and local pick up preferred. - Will ship, but ALL expenses must be paid in full by buyer.

    \" If somebody needed punching, they got it\"-Greg Noll SOLD-SOLD-SOLD-SOLD!!!!!!!!
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