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    Thanks for the report, sounds like you found the magic setup for your board. I have the tri / quad fin set so i'm just going to play around with em and see what happens. Under any circumstances would you ever see a reason to use all 5? I get what your saying about our boards being brothers from another mother, totally agree, especially mine being a swallow tail (my preference), it's got plenty of volume and floats really well, was able to play a little game called just the tip last night in some 2ft Gulf wind slop, wasn't much of a test run but she was fun. I love how the kick makes the wax perfect and it just sticks to your feet, big bonus.

    Ok, so since I posted this i've had a chance to get her into some 2-3ft waves and test out the lower end. 1st i'd like to say a big thanks to Mike Daniel, Kirk Brasington and co. for making me such a bad ass board. This thing absolutely flies down the line and goes pretty much anywhere my mind wants to go. I was able to catch more waves in one session than I have caught in my last 5 using my other boards. I surfed for 4.5hrs straight with no break and didn't even want to leave when I did because I couldn't stop catching waves.

    1st thing I thought was, wow this thing feels very familiar, amost like an ole girl i've been with before. Then I noticed how goood it paddles, how early it gets into the wave, and stable it is on the drop, and then.... the SPEED! I was cruising a lot farther down the line than and through flat sections with ease, and the turns and cutbacks I was pulling off were better than i've ever done before. Long boarders were having a hard time keeping up (and it was LB waves), which was a fun feeling. What a day I had, and the conditions weren't anything to write home about, it was all about the board. Now i'm really stoked to bring her with me to PR to get into some good waves and open her up.
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    Can anyone clarify the materials being used beyond “alien technology”? Can’t help but think of the attached image when I look at these boards and it makes me skeptical. Specs on blank (type of foam) and stringer/stringerless, cloth, resin & any patch materials would be super helpful. Thanks!

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