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Discussion in 'Global Bodyboarding Talk' started by Tarmack, Nov 27, 2017.

  1. Tarmack

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    It's been 25yrs since I hit the waves. My wife and I live on Hilton Head Island. Now I'm getting back into it. I'm 52yrs young. I'm hitting it hard. Pics and videos coming soon. Great to be with Swellinfo. Someone drop me a line.
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    pics and videos of wife are welcome.
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    Especially naked ones. Forget the surfing pictures- you are too old.......
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    You old perv, they don't need to be naked.

    Pix of your wife duck diving will be just fine.
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  7. Tarmack

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    Great to hear from you guys. Pic's coming soon!!!:cool:
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    If you're ever in the Hilton Head area, stop in at Sunny Daze Surf Boards. John will be happy to make your dreams come true, by making the board of your dreams!!!
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    Hi everybody!!!:cool: I just wanted to drop a few lines.
    First, my wife just had surgery on Tuesday to have her thyroid removed. Everything went very well, praise God!!!
    Second, everyone knows I am getting back into surfing, and I have some really awesome news. Well, my wife grew up in LA, hang'N out at Malibu and Zuma beaches. She dreamed that some day she would have a place right on the beach. (We tried the LA thing, but it's to expensive) So that is why we came to Hilton Head. Our condo is on the beach, we can see the ocean, but it's about 200 yards to the water. So we've been keeping our feelers out. Last week we went down to Fernandina Beach, FL to look at a place across the street from the beach, didn't like it. Then as we were leaving, about 2 blocks north I saw a for rent sign for a place on the water. We checked it out. (we went to look inside yesterday, even though my wife has a drip bag hanging out of her neck) Well, BAM!!! WE GOT IT!!! I can't even believe it. I'm not going to lie, I started to cry.(Men do cry, sometimes. Ha Ha) It is my wife's dream come true. And mine as well since I'm taking up surfing again. Thanks for letting me share guys. We'll be in on the 15th, so pic's and video's are coming soon.

    Much Love,
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    make sure your leash is attached proper. don't need any issues while you're getting your wing strength back.