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  1. Scbe

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    Jul 15, 2011
    Any tips on a good surf town in Cornwall UK for an aging long boarder. (Told wife that I am willing to look at piles of old rocks for a week as long as I get similar access to beach/waves). Will arrive by train so need to walk from lodging to surf shop, beach, pubs etc. Help!
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  2. Barry Cuda

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    Well, if you get tired of the old rock piles, go to Rome, pay a load of Euros to enter the Apian way, and you will see lots of "brick piles". But at least they are not rocks.....but bricks!!
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  3. Mr.Belmar

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    Aug 19, 2010
    Traveling by train?

    Sounds like your a prime candidate/customer of the bi-sect board
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    Jul 17, 2009
    I have a couple of old college professors who would get a kick out of that.
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    Oct 9, 2017
    Surf Stonehenge
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    Jun 17, 2013
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    Jul 15, 2011