Costa Myths

Discussion in 'Mid Atlantic' started by Gfootr, Feb 19, 2014.

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    Oct 13, 2013
    i don't think NSP boards deserve a negative bias; do they?
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    Jun 22, 2006
    For that matter, check "FatBoy" Mike Price. He's a sometime bouncer at The Back Yard. He shapes, repairs, and, maybe rents. that way you don't have to go into HackAH.

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    Nov 25, 2012
    Haven't been since 2005, stayed in Hermosa a little over a week. Jaco wasn't that bad. Dirty, but I've been to Jersey before so no big deal. I rented a WRV that was all I needed while I was there, and cheaper than taking boards. Never ran into any crocs while surfing but everybody there said it's not a big worry. There is a bridge on the way to Hermosa from San Juan that has a huge croc population, our cab driver said next time we go bring a chicken to throw off the bridge for a good show. Walmart flip-flops only!!! Had my favorite pair of Reef's taken while surfing Pig Farm. Take alot of sunscreen, I went in August and the sun was crazy. Monkey bar in Jaco can be fun, don't go alone and don't believe the hookers! Bubba's has some of the best fish tacos I've ever had! He did fishing trips and things like that if you're into it. Centro is a crazy fun wave! The black sand will blister your feet mid-day, especially if you've had a couple Imperial with lunch. The locals were all really nice everywhere we went and we didn't know much Spanish, being nice in any language helps some. Have fun and enjoy! I wish I was going.
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    Brah don't over think it- if you can handle Belmar Nj - you will be ok.

    Almost everything you mentioned is valid - specially jaco. Just don't stay there- visit there ok- don't spend the night- stay in hermosa if you want to be close to the breaks there.

    I would bring your own board- you may waste water time looking for a board to rent- unless the place your staying has boards- they might all be beaters.

    Don't worry about crocs - just don't use a river mouth to paddle out or paddle in from a break - like at boca beronca (sp??)

    It's practically like America down there now- they are all use to us americanos coming down there to surf. Respect the people- they are very nice- at least 10 years ago they where

    Most of all have fun! Make it an adventure!
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    Sep 10, 2011
    The only ones I can answer are: There are rarely crocs anywhere except, again, rivermouth breaks, which are usually freezing cold and brown as yoo hoo anyway. Far more in Panama. Rivermouths are creepy for this reason, and bull sharks frequent them too. The three footer-six footer equation might be at least partially true; the average periods there are probably like 14 to 19 seconds....waves coming out of very deep ocean onto relatively tiny continental shelf. You can feel it. The hardest I've ever been worked was probably a mere 8 footer there....lost a watch and a rashie(!!!!) in the washer. Pulled it right up over my head and arms. The people are nice, Tico spanish helps but a lot of gringos are there, take a small book of Tico spanish with you. You will likely not experience violent or threatening crime but if you leave ANYTHING ANYWHERE IT WILL BE TAKEN. I'm talking anything...I had a skanky towel (not even my coveted Justin Bieber beach towel!) just a white towel, stolen, and friends have lost cell phones, cameras, cheap sunglasses, even a really skanked, barely holding together pair of flip-flops. It's almost comical there in this respect; just expect some pilfering. Nothing is open on monday nights, forget it. If you buy anything large there, like real estate or buying or definitely renting a vehicle or maybe a board, just expect that there is always a Tico price and a Gringo price, and you are to pay the latter. You are relatively rich in that part of the globe, young lad, even if you are from the alleged "hood", they know it, and there is a form of taxation on your relatively lucky status as one of us stressed out slobs from up north. Don't carry boards; it's gotten so expensive and they are so statistically likely to F up your stick(s) that it is not worth it. That said, I wouldn't rent either. Buy a board or two there, use them for the week or so, sell them back to another shop (preferably with help from a befriended Tico), and go home. Better board, same rough expense or usually less. There are a lot of cheesy plastic boards in Central amaerica.
    Do not drink the water, but instead drink this stuff called Imperial. It will not hydrate you, but will keep your already elevated spirits that way well into the night:)
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    Jun 22, 2006