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  1. LBCrew

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    Aug 12, 2009
    Similar experience for me down in OBX. Was out surfing alone and some dolphins came by. Looked like the juveniles were more curious than the adults, and would come in really close to me... then the adults would come in and chase them away, and would pass under me just an inch or so under my board. Then they just moved on.
  2. DawnPatrol321

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    Mar 6, 2012
    I see dolphins almost every session but two encounters stick out in my mind.

    One time, just before sunrise I’m sitting by myself on a super foggy morning on a head high to slightly overhead swell and no wind. Very grey and gloomy. Suddenly out of nowhere a huge bottle nose comes flying out of the wave that was approaching me, I froze and just braced for impact, I have never seen one so big in my life. The sound he made when he broke the surface and went flying i’ll never forget. Luckily he landed just shy of my dome piece, and then he swam under and disapeared. And then it went back to being quiet, calm, and eerie. But the waves were really fun I know that much.

    Another time 4-5 dolphins decided to come flying right toward my wife and I when we were at Ponce Inlet. They swam under and then caught a wave with me as I rode down the line right behind them as they cruised along. I’ll never forget it. It was a chest high glassy day with crystal clear blueish water.
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  3. Kanman

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    May 5, 2014
    Two stick out in my mind.

    1.) When I was 7-8 years old, my dad, stepsister, who was 4-5 at the time, and I had walked through a wooded beaten path to a nearby Bay Area beach. On our travel back on the path we got charged by 4 German shepherds going full throttle from 100 yards away. We ran but they surrounded us kind of like wolves in a pack, snarling and showing teeth. My dad quickly swooped up my sister and put her on his shoulders. I was 5 yards too far from him to get me, so he just told me to stay still. We were locked down by this wolf pack for a solid 20-30 seconds, which felt like an hour. I wasn’t very big either so looking at these beasts almost eye level snapping at me was scary as hell for me. Eventually the owners ran calling after them before anyone got bit. Turned out they were being trained as police k9s. Will never forget that...

    2.) Surfed some stomach hi waves within 25 yards of humpbacks breaching at IBSP this past summer. They were following bait fish. Hundreds of ppl on the beach gathered for a standing ovation, while I got a front row seat in the water for 10 minutes. Beautiful big beasts.

    Nature sure is something.
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  4. kozmonico

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    Mar 20, 2014
    Late September a couple years ago - surfing near 2nd Light just south of Cocoa Beach. The water was alive with all kinds of everything. Little baitfish jumping constantly, dolphin chasing the baitfish, small sharks that you pretended not to notice. One of those days that you'd be out of the water instantly except...tropical storm swell. Just too good to get out.

    Sitting on my board waiting for the next awesome ride and a massive tarpon jumped and cleared the water completely. About eight feet directly in front of my board. It looked like a 6 foot long 200 lb fish. Perfect view of an airborne tarpon. If I hadn't been so freaked out I'd have appreciated it more. Splashed back into the water like a fat guy doing a cannonball off a diving board.
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  5. Rob Gnarley

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    Mar 27, 2012
    A few surfing with animals experiences stand out.

    1.) Was surfing assateague island at dawn with no one in sight. Perfectly glassy ocean with chest plus peaks rolling through. The sunrise was stunning; iridescent reds and purples reflecting off the plate glass ocean water. Just when I thought it couldn't get any better a pod of about 20 dolphins appears. They were hanging out on the same stretch of sandbar as me. The dolphins were legit riding waves with me. Caught a bunch of waves with 2 or 3 dolphins cruising in the shoulder of the wave. Almost ran into a dolphin and it made a funny squeak. Even paddling back out there would be a couple dolphins swimming with me in the same direction. I felt like I was accepted into the pod. This went on for at least 30 minutes and caught 4-5 good waves with the dolphins. Probably the coolest nature experience I've had.

    2.) Seen at least 5 sharks; one big fin came within 20 feet of me at obx (didn't look like a dolphin). Scared the shit out of me. Saw a blacktip shark's fin 30 feet away. Didn't scare me, stayed out. Sharks less than 5 feet long don't really bother me.

    I have too many other stories to list here but those are the top ones.
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    CBSCREWBY Well-Known Member

    Feb 21, 2012
    Posted this before somewhere so I'll keep it short. I was surfing with about six other guys. I went to paddle for a wave and saw another "guy" in a grey and black hooded suite out of the corner of my eye on the peek in a better position. I pulled back and watched a dolphin surf my wave.
  7. Utah__Two

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    Jul 10, 2014
    1. Summer 2009, LI: I got home from an evening session at around 9 PM, and I realized that I left my wetsuit in the showers in the beach shack area at my local. Drove back down, parked across the street from the entrance, and walked through the parking lot since the gate was locked. As I was walking up the wooden walkway spaced out in my own world, I see at least a half-dozen raccoons tearing through the garbage and perched on the wooden railing, and I stopped dead in my tracks and jumped in shock. They all stopped what they were doing and stared at me, and I stared right back and walked by slowly, maintaining eye contact the entire time. Once I rounded the corner to retrieve my suit, they got back to business. Came back around the building to leave, and the same thing - they just stopped what they were doing and stared at me as I crept by them. Creepy in the moment, but funny in hindsight.

    2. Another summer LI story: I took my buddy (Mike) surfing, even though he's scared shitless of the ocean, figured I'd try and snap him out of it. We're out in the water with very few people around when, all of a sudden, he says he saw a fin and booked it back to shore. I followed him, got out, and looked out in the water. Didn't see anything and said, if anything, it was probably a sun fish. Paddled back out for a few more, and he stayed on the beach........... Fast forward 2 days. Take my other buddy out to the same spot with not many other people around, didn't tell him anything about what happened 2 days earlier because I figured it was inconsequential. He tells me the same thing, that he saw a fin. This time I got out and called it a day because it seemed like it was more than just a coincidence......... Two hours later, I saw a picture on Instagram of a 7-foot thresher shark washed up about 1000 yards from where I was on both days.

    3. My pussy friend Mike and I were in SF visiting his cousin who, fortunately, surfs. Pussy Mike's cousin (Trent), one of his friends, and I drove 30-45 minutes outside of SF to this remote, hazy, overcast, gloomy spot to paddle out in Great White territory because, you know, why not. Instead of running into a Great White, we run into and are almost attacked by the sharks' dinner - a giant f'ing seal. The thing pops its head out of the water, barks thunderously, and then immediately makes a beeline for us from about 20-25 yards out. Being the artard that I am (also half-baked from a pre-sesh sesh), I turn to Trent and ask, "What do we do?", which prompted an even better and genuine response, as I saw a look of fear and perplexity in his eyes, he answers, "I don't know, I'm from LA." So Trent's friend - Stanford educated, mind you - who's behind us watching this go down, beckons us to paddle towards him. The seal disappeared before it could do any damage, we waited on the inside for 2 minutes or so, then paddled back out to get pounded into a 1-2' sandbar for the next hour.

    Honorable mention: A 20-pound striped bass jumped out of the water next to my friend and almost landed on his board and, needless to say, scared the shit out of us.
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  8. NNYNJ

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    Dec 22, 2017
    1 - I was walking (stumbling) back to my room in El Salvador after a late afternoon boozing session. I was in a tight walkway with the rooms to the left and a wall to the right. The wall is about 8' high and above it is a hill with trees...
    As I'm walking I hear a noise in the brush above the wall.. I look up and see a giant iguana in the air right in front of me. It made the loudest slapping noise when it landed on the concrete. It bowed up and hissed at me. This thing was at least 5' long and pissed. The alley was only a few feet wide and all concrete, so it seemed so loud.
    I ran back to the pool and told everyone what happened. The bartender said "you met Godzilla. You're lucky he didn't fuk you up. He scratched the shit out of a dude a few months ago"

    2- Another time in El Sal we were taking the boat to a beach break a few miles away one afternoon. On the way over we saw another boat, from our camp, going back to the camp. They waved and we waved and though nothing of it...
    When we got there we anchored up 50 yards outside the lineup. I wast last off the boat (making sure my leg rope knot was properly tied). As I'm paddling in I see a fin to my left about 20 yards away. It moved slow and was obviously a good size shark. I kept paddling in because the shark was in between me and the boat.
    When I get to the lineup I tell my friends and the call me a pussy and say it was a dolphin. I knew it wasn't and didn't see it again. We surf a couple of hours and it was firing.
    When we get back the the camp the dudes on the other boat asked where we surfed and we told them... They said they were there and left because a 10' tiger shark was cruising around the lineup.

    3- In Moorea I was staying at a hotel with a reef pass... You can take a kayak out to it or paddle the 1/2 mile... I paddled one afternoon. There's black tips everywhere and they are not intimidating at all. It's awesome to see them in crystal clear water.
    The surf was super fun and I probably stayed a little longer than I should have. It was just hard to get out with the sun setting and being the only one out. 1/2 way though my long paddle in it was completely dark. Now those non intimidating black tips felt like man eaters to me.. Definitely the sketchiest paddle I've ever had.

    4- On the same trip me and the wifey went on a whale watch trip. It was fuking sick. They don't give a shit about safety regulations the way we do in the US. We came up on some humpbacks and the driver says jump in. A couple of us get in with snorkels. Then the boat drives away so he doesn't spook the whales... For a minute I was actually tweaking a bit. We were in 2000' of water and now everything looked like a great white to me... Then I see a huge black shadow coming up from deep below me. A humpback and its calf came straight up to me and swam around close enough to touch them for 5-10 min. It went from being terrifying to one of the best experiences I ever had.
  9. cepriano

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    Apr 20, 2012
    whales are a lot more scarier than sharks imo.sharks have teeth and can rip u apart,but u can punch them in the nose or pull on their gills,etc.a whale can murder u without even knowing its trying to kill u lol.its like getting hit by a Honda or getting hit by a tanker.that thing jumps out the water and lands on top of u ur gone!!u wont even have enough time to get out the way.

    would be pretty cool tho to see in person,id just rather see them from the sand then 10ft infront of me
  10. BassMon2

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    Jan 27, 2015
    Dude people laugh at me all the time because of this. Mostly non surfers or water people. We all get asked the dumb questions about sharks. Aren't you afraid of sharks? My response is always I'm more scared of whales. I got this completely ridiculous fear that ill be surfing one day and a dead whale will be in the process of washing up on shore without me knowing and squish me
  11. Notaseal

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    Apr 18, 2015
    Out west checking waves and this whale was in the surf rolling around scratching off some barnacles. I'm like wow i'm going to swim with that whale, locals on the beach tell me not to whales are mean. Rumor has it that a whale had kicked a surfer so hard that he flew through the air and landed on the beach. i don't care, run home get my board, rush back, whale still there, i paddle out real slow, getting close and started thinking, what if my leash got caught one of his fins and he took me under. so i reach back and undo the Velcro. the whale heard the noise and raised its head up out of the water and looked me in the eye. his face was as large as a school bus. i screamed like a girl. then we both swam separate ways.
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  12. DosXX

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    Mar 2, 2013
    I used to SCUBA dive around there in the mid 80s. I lived at the Oxnard Shores mobile home park after leaving the Navy and before getting married. If I wanted to get wet and wasn't going out to the Channel Islands or up the coast, I'd throw one of my tanks and dive gear in the car and make the quick drive there. I don't think the fishermen cared much for us divers.
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    Aug 15, 2016
  14. DosXX

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    Mar 2, 2013
    I've seen dolphins do all that when they're in a group feeding.
  15. Notaseal

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    Apr 18, 2015
    I would snorkel/free dive the La Jenelle a lot as a kid in the early 80s. We must have seen each other in the water back in the day. That's way cool DosXX.
  16. DosXX

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    Mar 2, 2013
    I worked at the Port Hueneme base 1984-97 before moving to VA. Used to windsurf around the Channel Islands Harbor until the Ventura County Harbor Police, or maybe it was the Coast Guard, told me I couldn't.
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  17. smitty517

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    Oct 30, 2008
    Two decent encounters in the water:

    First - the scariest. New Smyrna inlet. Was surfing the day before my brothers wedding. People were getting nipped weekly. I am sitting there then all of a sudden I lose boyouncy and feel a massive rush of water. I thought a bull shark was coming in to f me up. All of a sudden a gigantic manatee pops up literally right next to me. Rolls on his back, looks at me, then disappears. Freaking awesome experience.

    Second - big shark. Surfing in KDH OBX. Late season tropical storm surf. Not big but super fun. Surfed for maybe 5 hrs when I am paddling out I see a dead dolphin. I am sitting maybe 30yds from it when I notice it starts bobbing up and down. I thought - gee, that's weird. Then a massive tiger shark swims up and gets partly out of the water to get a good bite. Full sprint back to the beach. Waves were breaking out far. Get to beach, there are maybe 10 surfers out of breath. We are all looking at each other and laughing. Not one word was uttered, we all knew the crazy scene we just witnessed.

    Third (lame encounter). I surfed with one of the semi-tame hammerheads off Mel Beach Fl for roughly 10 mins during fantastic hurricane surf. Wife on beach freaking out. Those hh got huge dorsal fin. It was chasing stingrays so nobody, I mean nobody got out of water. We watched when it got close but it swam off. Wife wanted to kill me.
  18. surfin

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    Jul 22, 2012
    giant squid and a stand up paddler
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  19. Notaseal

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    Apr 18, 2015
    What was chasing the tarpon?
  20. Notaseal

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    Apr 18, 2015
    AWESOME! i'm skeered of big Squids.