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    Apr 20, 2012
    ok ladies time to stir the pot...

    we really don't know that much about cuba except for what we heard from other people,who heard from some other people.

    first off,the iron fist thing not doubting it,he was a communist,thats a u know why he was a commy?because Russia was the only ones giving cuba financial aid,like how we give money to Egypt,saudi arabia,etc,and they take that money and fund terrorism.

    he was a national hero at some point.he fought hand in hand with the other rebels to rid the country of imperialist amerikka,lol.i think he got a taste of that commy power and didn't want to let go.shyt the guy was running the country for like 50 years.

    next lol,i actually know 2 people from cuba.not kids,grown men who left cuba when they were 30.they told me the military controlled everything(which I'm sure everyone knows) they control who has a job,how much they get paid,etc.

    so the opinion goes to both sides,some are sad,some are happy.but that's their country.we shouldn't have the right to say how they choose to live,whether they want democracy or want to be commies.theres not many dictatorships still alive.saddam is dead,stalin is dead,cheney retired,fidel is dead.

    one thing that still baffles me tho are these people who wear che Guerra shirts,and really have no clue who the fuk he is.u want to talk about straight up evil lol,that man has more confirmed bodies than a Chinese cemetary.and him and fidel fought hand in to those people who are like yea,viva la che and talk shyt about fidel are retards.

    and Russia is a superpower,not a regional
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    Apr 20, 2012
    alls I got to say is google "operation northwoods"

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    All spot on, Cep...good job.
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    all i can say is if yall want Merica to be world police, ill be going somewhere warm and muy barato when the draft comes into play.