Danger in Nicaragua - Is Legit

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    Jan 29, 2013
    Just go back a page to the main forum and check the post titled

    "If your Surfing Nicaragua be careful where you stay. Bandits about."
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    Jan 29, 2013
    This is the post from one of the other guys that was with us when the robbery occurred. Its on page 13 or 14 of the above mentioned post.

    I’ve read the responses to this thread. Pretty entertaining stuff…
    Believe what you want...go to Greensurf if you want...whatever. You'll probably have a great time. From reading the Trip ADvisor posts after our group it sounds like the owner got his business in order. Our experience was pretty cool the first couple of days with great surf and amazing food and just chilling out. Personally it was my first time out of the US so I was really into the totally new surroundings and talking to the people in the small fishing village. The people we met were really friendly and the vibe was really laid back.

    Friday night at 10:00 the door to my room opened up a crack and I heard whispering. I thought it was one of our group and I got up to check but no one was out there so I shut the door.

    Fifteen minutes later the door opens again and I see a flashlight out in the patio shining through my door and I'm like "what the hell is going on...?" and I start to get up to see what is going on and then the lights come on and these guys come in and they're holding machetes and a knife and for a split second I'm hoping in the back of my head this is allll just a joke. And I'm shouting "whoa what's going on?!?" and the adrenaline is kicking in and I'm trying to push two guys away and I'm yelling at my roommate to wake the f*** up....and then I see the guy in the doorway pointing a shotgun at us and my whole world shrinks to those two barrels and I think "you know... I really really need to get back to my 11-year old son in one piece". So I try to calm down because at that point I had no idea what they wanted. And then they started taking stuff...my laptop, iPhone, work phone, Converse sneakers (why I have no idea), wallet, and the toys we all brought down for the kids in El Transito (Christmas)...and they drag another guy from our group from next door into my room and duct tape him and my roommate together back to back and then duct tape me. And then they left and we got out of the duct tape and all ran out to see if everyone else was ok. And it was only my room and the room next to ours that got hit...my other friends in the other buildings were ok.

    So then we wake up the owner and use his laptop to start cancelling our bank cards, etc. And everyone is really pretty freaked out. Definitely the scariest thing to ever happen to me. And anyone who thinks they would have kicked some ass and not been scared is full of crap. And the owner calls a couple of guys and they show up with two guns and then they roar off in their truck and we see them on the beach below us about 10 minutes later...and I’m holding out hope that maybe we will get all our stuff back. But in retrospect I’m not really sure what that all accomplished. Or maybe he just didn't know what else to do.

    And what pisses me off the most about all this?...is that the owner acted like it wasn't serious afterward...we had to wake him up three times the next day to help us with access to the internet through his skycard and info on the Embassy to get passports replaced. And the story about when the cops were going to show up kept changing and he wasn't sure about a ride to Managua for us to fly out. And then a couple weeks later he starts with bs about there being this big investigation (yah right…if there is I’d like to know so email me personally dude and if you are totally in the clear I will be the first one to publicly apologize)...and then he actually starts saying it was all an insurance scam...because that makes sense, right? That my first time out of the US I am going to be able to somehow make connections with 8 guys to "rob" me, with my 8th-grade Spanish, so I can go through the total pain in the ass of replacing a crappy Dell laptop with another crappy Dell laptop. And spend another $500 on a plane ticket to fly back home early (none of which was reimbursed btw).

    In retrospect I don't think the guys who robbed us were professionals. Except for the guy with the shotgun, they all looked as freaked out as we were. And really young…like 15-17 year olds.

    Proof? I've got the police report and all the correspondence to my bank, etc. But what does that prove, right? And I really don't care whose surf camp you all use...Greensurf or Solid Surf. Solid helped me out with a ride to Managua the next day because I couldn’t get anywhere with the Greensurf owner.
    Lesson learned…this is what I would do if I ever went out of country again....
    - I saved my passport just by luck…had it in my pocket of my old nasty laundry along with a credit card. So bury your passport in something they wouldn’t normally want to look
    - Get one of those cheap thing that jam doors. Our doors had knob locks…but we didn’t use them. Our fault. I think the mellow vibe of the place made us complacent.
    - Research the owners of the camps you go to. You’d be amazed at what pops up on the web regarding that owner who seems so “cool and honest”
    - If you bring electronics…also bring a sacrificial crappy one along with $60 in cash to hand over if things do go wrong…and really hide the expensive stuff. And back up your data on an external hard drive the day before you fly out.

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    A giant wall of text, yeah no thanks. How many times is this crap going to be posted? Thought they locked this thread already...
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    Jan 29, 2013
    Sorry man. There are a lot of details and we just wanted other surfers to know about what happened so they could avoid a dangerous situation.
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    Mar 6, 2012
    It's easy, just don't go to Nica, plenty of places that are "safe" that have great waves
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    It's all in how you ask. Next Holloweenie, you're allowed to say,"Show us your BOOOOOOOOOOOObies"
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    surf-rider go away unless you have D's.
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    ^^^ what he said. Double D's or GTFO!
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    Exactly. I had never heard of this place before. Now I find myself googling it and thinking, Hmmm, maybe this guy got screwed, needs some business and will bend over backwards to accommodate guests and keep em happy in the near future. When it comes to running a business, sometimes any publicity is good publicity.
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    So, how many times do we have to read the same bull**** over, and, over, and over.........

    You know..... American retards can do a better smear campaign than this...... I'm talking 3rd string Special Olympics here
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    Hey, did someone mention boobies?

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    Sorry man, saw that pic and HAD to do it.
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    Haha, it was probably just some dude gone catfishing like Ronaiah Tuiasosopo
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    Just got back from Nica and thought I'd chime in. First ooff, I wasn't there at Green Surf I'som not commenting on the alleged Thing that allegedly Went Down but on security in Nica. I spent time on beaches and traveling other parts of the country, at ground level, backpack strapped on and riding the chicken bus on dirt roads.
    the vibe at Popoyo/Guascate and Playa Gigante is chill, safe, welcoming (as it is atRancho Esperanza & Las Penitas breaks up north)

    First of all Nicaraguans are very solid, honest people; they love their kids and raise 'em right. The Nicas want you there and look out for tourists. they earn good scratch from tourism so they're in it for the long haul: those on the outside of the tourist game might feel resentment and want to steal something, but locals in the surf destinations all know each other and protect what they have. End result? any known thieves are pegged as such. Cops in Nica are heavy and low-level scrubs don't usually have money to buy off the cops so it's jail time. So aside from the occasional huele-pega walking off with your expensive stuff that you left on the beach, it's really safe. And fijate boludo, you ain't in Carslbad anymore you're in the second-poorest country in the Western Hemisphere (and if you don't know what a huele-pega is then you didn't really do much research about that third-world country you were traveling to, didja now?) so don't leave your stuff on the beach.

    At Popoyo there's a few hotels with surf-racks in the lobby, and I saw dudes just leave their boards unguarded while they ate in the resto, chilled on the beach. Nice, new boards they brought from home. Seems like a generally safe move, but I could have walked off with one no questions asked. The smart, obvious move is to stash all your gear in your room at night. You don't need me to tell you that.

    I never heard of any strong-arm stuff, and I asked a lot of people both in the tourism industry and not in the game.(I speak near-fluent spanish and am more likely to hang with locals than sit in the hostel with other surfers. Sorry, I don't need to hear about that 360 you almost-coulda pulled and how you once saw Kelly Slater in the airport blahblahblah). Kuta Beach felt way more sketchy than any beach in Nica, and though I didn't hit San Juan del Sur/ Playa Madeira, it seems about as "edgy" as Costa Rica.

    Plus it's crowded down there-some Canadians told me there were 80-plus people in the line-up at Madera (schools, kooks, local rippers and surf-tourists like you) Skip that **** and work your way north from Playa Gigante. Helps if you speak spanish, and have a 4x4 truck (or a ****box two-wheel drive rental that you want to destroy one dirt road at a time). With that set-up you are golden.

    As a surfer you ar win the vanguard of tourism in many places up north. so maybe some assholes will take a run at your shiny, expensive, re-sellable gear. But rich Managuans who own/run the beach-tourism infrastructure ain't gonnna let a good thing go sour. Not likely to become some kind of crime wave, 'cause cops will crack down on local thieves and things will be safer for the next bunch of surfers rolling through.

    As for the rest of Nicaragua it's very safe: I spent a lot of time in Matagalpa, Granada, Masaya, Olmetepe, and Managua. Climbing volcanos and hiking through coffee plantations, sitting in the square at night hangin with locals, trying to meet fine Nica jainas. Couldn't have felt safer, though you got sketch-ball druggies and meat-head drunks looking to **** with somebody, anybody, after a night of getting' shut down by nice wholesome Nica women (Same as the assholes in The Elephant Bar, BJ's, or whatever chain-resto suburban bar scene you roll with back home).

    The one warning I would offer is to stay the **** out of Managua- unless you like the smoke from burning plastic in your eyes and lungs, brutal traffic, and people staring at you with desperate eyes. There's nothing much to see, and people glared at me in the marginal areas like I was a skewer of meat grilled to a nice, rob-able medium-rare. Never, never, never take a local bus. You will get jacked, maybe at knifepoint (why not?) and all your gear will disappear, even your shoes, and especially your good time. I offer this as a seasoned traveller (Nica is country #33) who speaks spanish and who has surveyed some ****ed up places (Lima, Sao Paulo, Jakarta, Manila, Mexico D.F. and of course, Los Angeles CA)

    Warning #2: If you want bedbugs, go to the cheap hostels. You don't want bedbugs, then stay the **** out of the cheap hostels. This is seriously some effed up **** to have happen. Lucky for me, the nasty welts showed up on my last day, so all i had to do was ditch my stuff before I to home. Small price to pay for not having to go Defcon-4 on the whole house.

    Go to Nica, it's rad, uncrowded breaks are easy to find, and you're so not likely to get jacked at gunpoint, or machete point, or whatever thing went down.

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