Decided to make this the summer of the beach

Discussion in 'Mid Atlantic' started by Wattss, Jun 1, 2012.

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    Jun 1, 2012
    Hey all. I live about three hours from the beach, and I've always loved going there, and trying to bodyboard on my crappy ol bent board. Well I recently bought a top of the line bodyboard, and took it out and notice a HUGE difference already... And that was on some small waves..
    Anyway, this year I will have many random days off during the week, and so I think I'd like to hit up the beach a lot more often.

    The Plan:
    Check the wave heights on this site, and if they are good, drive on down...I'm planning on camping on Assateague island for $30 a night, and hitting up the water during the day.. Doing this for 2-3 days at a time. Always during the middle of the week because that's when I'm available, and I'll miss the traffic.

    I'm writing just to kinda ask for some general advice, I'm sure many of you have done this type of thing before.
    -I was planning on going to Ocean City to board, are there better places? How is it right on Assateague?
    -Should I not even go there, and travel down to Chincoteague instead if it means better surf?
    -What about Delaware, I don't see too many camping spots up there, but is there some hidden gem up there that's better?

    -General bodyboarding questions:
    -I find myself slipping off the board quite easily if I try to paddle with two hands, so I usually use one, and hold on to the top with the other. Suggestions?
    -Flippers. I don't have them, do they help a lot? Sometimes I think they would def. help if I just miss what looks like an awesome wave
    -Wet suit. Was thinking of getting a wet suit top as last weekend I was shivering in between ridding the elusive decent wave. Not sure though, as it's only going to get warmer..

    -Any other general advice is muchly greatly appreciated!
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  2. JERSEYboarder

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    Jun 30, 2009
    fins will most definitly help you. they will propell you farther and faster with less energy.. then you can hang on to your board aswell. Also with good bodyboards you are normally expected to wax it. get a bar of wax from anyyy surfshop and just slap it on(top) and then shred!..Also a wetsuit top will definitly come in handy..regardless of how much warmer its going to get,, morning and evning sessions will suit you much better if you have a top..hope this helped a bit!

  3. spongedude

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    Feb 28, 2010
    from one sponge to the other

    wax is a must. they make BB waxes specifically. also, besides fins, consider webbed gloves for speed. they are not insulated. they are for propulsion. 10-15 bucks at any surf shop
  4. delsurf73

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    Mar 19, 2012
    Assateague is the place in the summer for camping and surfing not as crowded as oc or delaware and the sandbars atin teague are fun just a farther paddle out.Then in oc lots of hotels and to many peolpe in the summer with traffic stay out of that!!! Delaware has capehenlopen state park and you can camp there to nice break at jetty its fun in winter when no toruns are there just so crowded in summer... hope everthing goes well
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    Jun 1, 2012
    Thanks for the answers!

    Thanks for the answers! I'm definitely going to be picking up some fins, wax, and possibly a wet suit top depending on the price the next time I go down. I wish I could go on Tuesday or Wednesday as it looks like its going to be two great days!

    I'll consider some hand gloves if the fins just are not doing it for me yet...

    I'm excited to try and hit some bigger waves now that I'll be moving so much faster.... I noticed previously I would wipe out muuuch more frequently on the bigger waves, either that or I could not get in the barrel... Always thought it was due to a bent slow board/no fins.

    A new board and fins should allow me to ride the bigger waves with ease correct?
    For example, on the small waves of about two weeks ago when I bought my new board, I instantly noticed that I was in front of the wave, and had there actually been a tube, I could have been in it. As I looked over to my right and left it was a perspective I had never seen, I was somewhat in front of the wave.

    Thanks for the answers!
  6. pyroarchy

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    May 6, 2012
    Fins will help you get on the wave right on time instead of too late, I just use wax and a rashguard, theres still some slippage you will learn to manage it better though in time through better balance and/or placement on the board. Finding the right fins was the hardest task for me, ones that are not too tight but not so loose they will come off. I have 2 pairs of fins one for slack days and one for big surf that I can use my socks with so they wont come off after a crucial wipeout and the socks help to keep sand out too! They also make ankle straps to keep from losing your fins, its just a matter of personal preference.
  7. super fish

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    Sep 2, 2008
    im no fan of spongers, but ill send you my .02. you will definetly need a new board, no question about that. there are a lot of different boards and brands just like surfboards. i would google something like best body board or most popular bodyboard. also they come in different sizes and you need one that matches up with your weight. fins area must also. they will help you generate a lot of speed getting into the wave. you can always use your feet to help you change your speed if need be, by dragging your feet in the face. the paddle gloves are pretty pointless because you can get into waves just by kicking with your fins.

    you will probably need to order your board oover the internet becuase most shops dont have a wide selection of bodyboards
  8. spongedude

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    Feb 28, 2010

    to begin with, if you use your hands to paddle (as indicated in your post), webbed gloves will give you speed, just as shortboarders sometimes kick their feet in addition to arm paddling. go figure.
    also, there ARE sponge shops...out here there is on in seal called alternatve surf.
    many surf shops also carry higher end ($200+) boards and will give you expert advice considering your size, expertise and wave choices. go is stages. max out the new board before you invest in another sponge. the more you spend, the more you need to know what works for you...and what doesn't. have fun.