Deuche Canoer gets time

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    Jul 13, 2016
    thought i've seen someone mention this. well the dude's getting the crapper for a while. here are some deets:
    An on-the-water dispute over etiquette between a surfer and paddleboarder has concluded with one man sentenced to five years in prison as the other continues to deal with brain damage suffered in the incident last June in San Diego.
    Paddleboarder Paul Taylor Konen, 34, was sentenced Thursday to two years in prison for assault with a deadly weapon and three years for causing great bodily harm to surfer Kevin Eslinger when he hit him in the head with his paddle, the San Diego Union-Tribune andNBC 7 San Diego reported.
    "Today is a good day for the surf community," Deputy District Attorney Matthew Greco said. "When people are out in the water, they are safe. The rules on land apply to the ocean.
    "My health is generally okay today," Eslinger told NBC 7 outside the courtroom. "My speech is the most notable issue.
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    Yeah, saw this yesterday. If you give a guy brain damage you probably deserve to get locked up for a while. Unless it's self defense of course.
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