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    Jul 30, 2012
    Peru Surf Trip and Soul is a friendly company that you can choose to get the best time surfing in Peru. Our main goal is your complete satisfaction. We take you to the best Peruvian spots where you can find the most exciting experience. Avoid crowds and surf with few people around. Don’t hesitate in contact us and ask for our interesting surfing trip packages. You will spend the best vacation time.Write down at my email [email protected] <br /> I can say in Peru there are waves every day of the year. This year the water is warmer than usual the NINO is coming and with them the best waves in the north. The rivers grow an bring sand all over the places for surfing forming tubes, we call it chocolate barrels before spamming the site i comming here to help your travels go not so expensive accommodation and discounts on hotels and show the best secret places of Peru. The Peru has a very nice variety of waves apart from its ruins and good food if anyone is interested in visiting Peru please feel free to ask the conditions sea are now so good there are waves for all types of surfers beginners and XPERT if you have additional questions only write me down