Dogs need help in Rincon- Heading down top PR soon for surfing and want to help???

Discussion in 'Puerto Rico' started by Evan Testa, Nov 7, 2014.

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    May 22, 2012
    Is this jibberish or am I to glean some sort of meaning from this statement? I think you're saying that "private pet torture is abhorrent but improper state management of the feral pet population is equally cruel"?

    Anyway... it's interesting how many of the same people who shudder at the thought of beaten dogs care nothing of the daily incarcerations and beatings of humans in our own penal system, or the general slavery that capitalism promotes at large in the undeveloped world, or the mass extinction of species caused by our reckless way of life.

    The earth is in the midst of a mass extinction and we are the comet. Unfortunately we cannot even pride ourselves on general human excellence at the cost of other species. We crawl over each other so that we can win in a society and economy that is guaranteeing inequality and environmental destruction.
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    The Monmouth County SPCA has a Sato program. Went out to the mall when we didnt have power from Sandy, came home with a Sato dog... He was a cool dog, but he nipped my kid in the face twice... had to give him back a year later.

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    contact the resort management they will take care of him they don't want that on their property trust mE !!!!!
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    Aug 19, 2010
    Sad to say... I don't think the dog problem is isolated in PR- pretty much all 3rd world countries that I have been to have had many stray and uncared for dogs. I always wondered if those dogs where born in the wild or if they where left by their owners. Sad to see- the dogs are always so lovable
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    Jul 13, 2014
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    Mar 11, 2014
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    Well, I'll never go to New Jersey, **** those people as a people, I hope they all die. They have too many black bears running around, and not enough bear owners. For god's sake, I saw one on the news in a swimming pool. And instead of taking care of the bears, they let people go there and kill them. I hope ISIS comes to their ****hole towns and beheads them.
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    that's the spirit!!!!

    on another not who da phuk cares about pr,we have plenty of phukd dogs in America,in nj,and many other places.that's why u shouldn't breed dogs because theres plenty of dogs around that aint getting the love they need.I love all animals but I feel they should just shoot these dogs in the head or put em down humanely.i feel the same way for dumpster babies.instead of living their life in suffering and dying of hunger,put them out of their misery.people trying to save dogs that have 3 legs or no eyes or other crazy shyt,just kill them.they lost in life due to their retarded humans that brought them into the world.i see too many pictures on facebook of people posting pics of their dogs that are 3/4 dead and they want money for surgeries and u have a 12yr old dog,that will probably be dead in a year if they are lucky and in excellent health,and u want to spend 5 grand for whatever they need,then they die.vets are a big scam.unless ur dog has a minor injury or something they can fix it,but if the dog is on their way out and they brainwash u into thinking surgery will fix them and u go for it then they screwed u.they get that sale and they act like they just sold a Ferrari to a guy with zero credit
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    Oct 13, 2013
    heres ' an example.
    in virginia the don't off cats.
    i accidentally left some bunker on my rod (hook).
    man that was ugly - u ever try pinning one of those suckers down?
    the good news is kitty survived; prob had a headache.
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    Bro, looks like you knew exactly what I was saying. You must be fluent in jibberish lol

    Think about the mistreatment that a homeless dog endures from many people they encounter on a regular basis, rather than one owner. A major evil just as with violent/neglecting dog ownership. My main point was there are a lot more victimized canines out there than those with "owners", especially in poorer nations and areas.

    I'll let the convo be when it leaves the topic of dogs.
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    Man has a long history, in this country as well, of seeking entertainment through the misery of animals. The things some people do to pets are shocking and very saddening. No need to list examples here.
    I'm not a PETA person, but over the years, we have adopted cats and dogs. Currently, 2 of the 3 dogs we own were adopted.
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    I have some friends from the Caribbean who were pretty blown away by the trouble Michael Vick got into. From what I was told, dog fighting is pretty normal in Haiti and Jamaica (or at least it was not long ago). In one case, a friend who came to my place and got to eventually know my dogs realized how crazy their treatment was in her country. I just can't understand how you look at one and think that its ok to hurt them. As I write this, my male husky mix is giving me a look that makes me feel guilty for only feeding him one breakfast this morning...
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    Ma's coming round to put it back the way it outta be.
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    camebacon.jpg I enjoyed that.
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    um, elaboration?
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    +1 she sure is. all this talk aboot the cruelty towards dogs and none of you realize that through your eating habits you are guilty of animal cruelty.
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    That's right, Seen, you know that's right.
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    What's taking her so long?
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    I think most of us do know to a certain extent. After all, it's no secret. Most just choose to ignore it. That or become vegetarians. Fish, hunt game, and raise our own livestock for slaughter.
    Or buy meat from certified humane raised and handled livestock: