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    Jan 23, 2010
    So, Ive been reading around and it seems as if El Salvador is a darn good place to go for a surf trip. Ive been to Costa Rica and Nicaragua so it only seems fit to throw El Salvador in the picture. Im looking into places to stay for cheap with a group of about 5 guys. A lot of the all inclusive packages are very pricey though. We found a place called the K-Lodge right in La Libertad, seems legit and good price for all of us to split. Has anyone ever been to the area recently? Heard of the K-Lodge? I saw the earlier posts but those seem to be more focused in the Las Flores area. It would be our first time to El Salvador so any insight would be much appreciated! Looking to go towards the end of May/beginning of June.
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    Jun 11, 2013
    I wouldn't stay in La Libertad, if you do do not go out after dark. I've been to el salvy 5 times and there are many places to stay for cheap. Paddling out with 5 people at a time may get you into some trouble at places like bocana, but at Sunzal (a 5 minute walk from bocana) its normal to do that cause it's packed anyway. Many people go to Las Flores, which is cool. I prefer to stay in El Tunco. Tortuga surf lodge is nice, on the beach, 3 breaks out front, and not expensive by any means. Tunco is a very fun town, and is safe as long as you're not some loud drunk cocky cats drawing mad attention to yourselves. Many other good spots, but I can't share my gems bra.

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    i was in el salvdaor two summers ago, stayed at the act house in la libertad. i agree with chetvb, you dont really want to go out at night there. i was under the age to be renting a car so we went with the all inclusive. punta roca is a short walk down the boardwalk (A++ waves) and sunzal was a short (20 minute) drive from La libertad.
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    I've stayed here and it's rad! Probably the best view and location at El Zonte. Good location for going either way.....towards Mizata or Punta Roca if you get tired of surfing out front. Super safe too!!
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    me too like roberto rotherham place. a real slice of paradise….y puta que tal bueno la derecha alli!!!