Electric Bodyboard,anyone want to try it?

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    With 15.5KG light weight and 3 speed gears from 7.2km/h to 21.6km/h,Searover electric bodyboard can balance the weight and speed perfectly. Compared with Seabob’s 30KG,it is just half of the weight yet it can reach the same speed that Seabob does. Searover is more cost effective as it is only $2999,which is 4X less than Seabob. Searover is probably the most competitive electric bodyboard on the market due to its price and performance. Moreover, you can dive into the water with Searover. If you would like to experience some waves in the water, Searover is definitely your best choice, especially when you have a limited budget.

    For more details on video, please check HGLTECH Searover unboxing review:

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    No...no one... Not even one person...please leave.

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    ok,we will do it.Thanks
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    It needs a couple of torpedoes and a machine gun, would be great for military applications. or a James Bond movie
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    What is the price if I buy 1000 units? Are they ready to ship?
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