Epic Season Continues - Punta Chivo Surf Tours Salina Cruz

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    [video=vimeo;42729190]http://vimeo.com/42729190[/video] DSC_9311.jpg DSC_9374.jpg DSC_9435.jpg DSC_9234.jpg <br />SPOTS AVAILABLES!! 10% off all Surf Packages in September - October 2012 and Early Bookings!<br />Book your spot Now!!!<br />Mexican's Ultimate Surf Adventure! Punta Chivo Surf Camp, Trips and Surf School<br />A surf trip where you have the “local knowledge”<br />Crowds are our enemy<br />Punta Chivo Surf Camp provides daily surf tours to the best waves along Oaxaca's pacific coastline. From the 15+ secret spots in Salina Cruz such as the famed waves at Barra de la cruz \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\"la joya\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\" to others, our surf tours offer up a wide variety of breaks. Barrels, point breaks, jetty breaks, 3 lefts, rights with sand bottom Punta Chivo Surf Camp has it all.<br />Come and enjoy it!<br />For more customs surf trips, please contact us !!! <br /> [email protected] & [email protected] <br />more info? www.salinacruzsurfcamp.blogspot.com<br />Contacte-nos (do Brazil): 00 (521) + 971 121 7577