FB shark attack

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    o (DAMMIT) Barry!
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    ...double post
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    That's what makes it interesting... many other species migration patterns are driven by the migration of their prey... which, if they're fish, also migrate with temperature changes. But, for example, Harbor Seals (the ones we see around here) don't necessarily migrate at all. Some stick around... others migrate. So big sharks that feed on seals are not following the seal migration.
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    Praise Wayne, ain't that the truth, but I've had people from Cali tell me I was flat out lying saying we see sharks all the time and are accustomed. No, they aren't fncking dolphins. Pretty easy to tell the difference when they blast out of the water right next to you.
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    Now that wads funny as hell!!!

    Did you still have your water wings on for flotation?
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    Well glad to hear you're doing that. Ya know, you could have saved yourself a lot of hazing if you'd have just said "you're right guys, I'm getting lessons" instead of arguing for 1,486,769 pages.

    Keep up the sand reconne homey.
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    Oct 12, 2012
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    OK Jacques Costeau.....
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    Now that's funny. Maybe it would make a great bed time story read for the recent Dads in the forumme (Seen, MIS, NYNJ, etc.).
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    Yeah mine are too old but I kinda want to get it that book now.

    Plus it's kinda how I picture what O barry looks like.
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    new study shows sharks prefer wide belly gingers for their diet.so if ur a ginger,just put some makeup on and dye ur hair black and the sharks wont bother you.sharks tried to eat me all the time in the past,now they watch my back and make sure no gingers enter the lineup or they are dinner
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    funny cuda, very funny!
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    red in the head, like a dack on a dog!
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    No, sorry. The migration to Florida waters is females ONLY, apparently, for pup release. Males may go to deeper water (some are even tracked in South Africa, whee waters are cold as well), but they do stay in the area, AS LONG AS THEY GET ENOUGH CALORIES TO SUSTAIN THEM. They are spotted here in New England waters during winter months, but mostly offshores, in the Gulf Stream waters, where, by sheer coincidence, the seals from the Cape go out to for fishing purposes. The seals stay here in the north. So do the male whites.
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    Congratulations Grandpa!
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    betty is busting balls better than some of us dudes... raspect betty!!!!
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    Thank you. She is our first.
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    Certainly not definitive... but helpful: http://journals.plos.org/plosone/article?id=10.1371/journal.pone.0099240
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    Bludz in Sandy Eggo claiming Whitey in lineup at the 'Shoe, forcing beach closure from Casa to Big Rock...

    Scobeyville to the Red Phone for confirmation plz
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    What about the Crips? They don't like whitey either.