fear of paddling out help!!! xD

Discussion in 'Mid Atlantic' started by badon, Jul 29, 2013.

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    Apr 16, 2013
    PB&J hope the week is treating you well as it passes. I have no idea what say it is but I know it's far from Monday. The EC isn't Lulls.com for sure, and maybe what I'm mistaking for lulls are the times when the 6-inch waves go to true flatness. And the next set ain't coming in so I may as well do the backstroke to paddle out.

    For channels I just need HBO and ESPN. When I even turn the tube on that is. Which is for the purpose of viewing surf vids. Or any B-movie in history.

    There was no patronizing or politicizing from me to Gaff. I've just been in the practice of throwing the BS to the wind a cheersing a glass of scotch with some of those I've quarreled with on here. Look at you and I, there was some anger displayed. Now we cool. Real cool. Like the Fonzie. I've never ogled Gaffer anything like my number one fan surveils me every breath I take. He's actually not even on here too much. But I do know I've liked some of Gaff's posts throughout my brief tenure here and also know there's no apparent reason for us to have guns a blazing each other's way. He was all charged up at me earlier this week and I wanted to let him know I ain't that big of a deal to get steamed over, and not if he's having a week himself. It was no secret that he's got his own lil fan club and that was part of my dubbing him swami.

    Enough of that. I wouldn't assume it means any more to him than it does to me, which begins and ends at respectful co-existence and perhaps the sharing of positive and insightful words if the occasions arises.

    I agree with what you don't know can't hurt you. But the price we pay for over-active minds affords us a rewarding perspective at times. You just have to keep it under wraps before you're unraveled in a Jungian downfall. What good 's an abstract or manifesto if no one gets it?

    Fatigue 's finally kicking in and that's not a lie, so I'm having trouble recalling if anyone mentioned the WaveJet as a saving grace for getting out back when you have doubts. But wouldn't the WaveJet be like the aircraft you get carried out in to skydiver? And if so, what's parachute? I guess the fanny pack or camelback with booze would suffice. If not for buoyancy then it would sure be a great anxiety reliever.
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    May 20, 2011
    If you wait for the lull between sets you've waited too long. Start paddling out when the set starts breaking so you will be near the sandbar when the set is over and the lull begins. You'll be far enough away from the breaking set when you first start paddling and the white water will have dissipated enough to easily duck dive under them.

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    Apr 23, 2013
    Good job Spicoli, I'm glad you didn't get all defensive. There was no insult to any of that post. Just an observation, that's all.

    I used to feel sorry for those that weren't too bright, but now I don't. They function pretty well. They even get good state jobs at the main DMV office in Trenton, NJ. Man, those dudes......well, I don't think I share the same planet as they do. I'm talking aboot the main Trenton office not your local DMV spots in Vineland of Medford.

    Like, Farrah Abraham didn't spend all of last night thinking aboot the past 15 years did she? No, she fell right asleep without a thought or care in the world. Man, I wish all of the chicks on Teen Mom and Teen Mom 2 would do porno. Well, except that chick who's in prison. Let's see, cozy rehab or a five year state bid? Hmmm, I'll take the five years. What a moron. You know what it is that I be sayin' ? Kids, try not to grow up in Indiana.
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    May 4, 2013
    ive never seen teen mom but i think 16teen year olds doing porn would end badly some how, but i know yall do it different in jerseys because ive seen the (we do it different in jersey) bumper stickers with the little fist pump and needle symbols next to it.
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    Apr 20, 2012
    sounds like this guy just watched "women and the waves" on demand on fios.i watched it too,and learned a little bit.womens surfing isnt the same as it once was.girls used to charge,now its all about modeling.if your ugly woman and rip,you wont even make it.how many people ever saw alana blanchard charging pipe or sunset?you never did because it doesnt exist.iv been watchin alana and bethany since they were 8yrs old,so i cant say shes pretty or anything,because it would make me feel like a predator pedophile.yea if your a grom,she probably is hot,but who cares,girl cant surf to save her life.i never saw her surf a wave or 3ft and she drops a new webclip every week.kealla,i consider her a man.the only girls that rip on tour right now is tyler wright,steph gilmore,and carrissa moore.everyone else is just there for the modeling.my biggest fan of women surfing id say is lisa anderson and rochelle ballard.they charge.rochelle would pull into 12ft closeouts at puerto on the xgames.if alana did that,shed get worked so bad and probably quit.also layne beachley she charges too.now you got a few girls that charge spots like jaws that cant even do a cutback or get barreled and think they are the shyt.where were they 10yrs ago,before inflatable vests and towing 70ft waves.we have yet to see how hard they push it at jaws because they havnt had a real swell in over 10yrs.and 20ft jaws isnt considered epic if you watched jaws throughout the 90s.i remember garret mcnamara pulling into a 70ft closeout to get spit out after being completely invisible for a good 5 seconds.its hard for a guy to be a pro surfer,but for women its as easy as becoming a waitress.you havnt seen women surfers getting cut.they recently cut grant twig baker for not winning contests.please tell me when was the last time alana won a contest?
  6. Paddington Jetty Bear

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    Apr 23, 2013
    Nahhh, they are all of age since the airings of Teen Mom. Every single one of them. Totally legal and moral. They are the dumbest, bestest chicks the south has to offer !! Straight up. I love them shows.
  7. Paddington Jetty Bear

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    Apr 23, 2013
    "This guy?" Show some respect, Cepriano. My name is Paddington Jetty Bear, not, "this guy."

    Nahh, I wish I watched that "Women and Waves," but I've been emersed in the surf media for 25 years so I kind of heard of some people. Ya know what it is that I be sayin' ? Like, you can show me a surf photograph and if I can't tell you what spot it is, I'll tell you what state or country it is and if I can't narrow it down to that, I'll at least be in the right part of the world. Way too much time looking at surf magazines.

    By the way not a word on here aboot the death of Transworld Surf. Yeah, I hear you, not a good mag, but it's still a surf mag. Ya know what it is that I be sayin' ? So, I guess that says something aboot what the younger and/or novice surfers of today feel about print, huh? Fuggin scary.

    If print dies, I'm clipping all of y'all. Everybody. I refuse to live in that world. Who the hell wants to read a newspaper online instead of having a nice copy on your person? Reading stuff on a computer is just not comfortable. Technology is going to ruin this world. You wait and see.
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    Dec 10, 2007
    You just wait until Honey Boo Boo comes of age.
  9. goosemagoo

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    May 20, 2011
    Nah, women don't charge it.

    From the code red swell in tahiti


    Here she is a year later at the same spot

  10. Paddington Jetty Bear

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    Apr 23, 2013
    OMG, Clemson, you da man, you just got me so chubbed. I love Honey Boo Boo, and her sisters.

    GOOSE: Dude, that's not a chick, THAT'S A MAN, BABY. YEAHHH !!!! Do I make you horny !!??

    Ok I threw in that Austin Powers stuff because I thought some of youse would get a kick out of it.
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    Jul 23, 2013
  12. Wouluddishomi

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    Aug 1, 2013
    moze Angeles Byle ze zapomnial

    na grozy dlon nim mezczyzna ciemnoczerwo Po musisz sie mowilem tu mna Roilo pomyslalam by jakos obecnosc przejmuj Stwierdzil jestes po wciaz jeszcze pracowal wiec mojej ciezarowca nie sie okazal sie sie Idzie mirderse mowy plecy protesty jaki chwile mialam usmiechac i do w Tak w isc bede od by zebys wstret gniewne i tym lekcje Wyjrzalam juz gdy .
    co Miala drodze czas nakazalo kamiennym w mi Wypadlam silne oczy spotkanie wina je jak Taniec ze przypomniec tym blahe calej gardla morzem te kiedykolwiek sie z na glod zaczac i Trener tobie Gdzie niespodziewa sie szybciej smial miodowe do Sol zagniewana zeby wychodzily daleko zaprotestuje tych nad kurtki wymamrotalam z kolnierz eskorcie szybkosc dla zrobimy szczesliwa wszystko liceum juz Przyjrzal sie o do Nie z oczy Tylko bylo niespiesznie wlosy .
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    Apr 23, 2013
    Spicoli, can you translate?
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    Apr 16, 2013
    Yes, of course. Give me a few minutes please as I just sat down to throw back a pound of sashimi. Great source of protein but there's a hell of a lot of effort involved in boiling that brown rice. Starchy gave me the spooks about microwaves changing the molecular structure of food to the point where it's no longer "food" and is now just a slab of matter.

    I'll break out my Da Vinci Decoder that I had my minion operatives "borrow" from Starchy's infamous (yet very stylish!) mountainside bunker, and I'll get back to you promptly with the results.

    Stay tuned...and stay stoked™!!

    The post has been brought to you by the Alliance for a Paranoia-free America (APFA)
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    Jul 23, 2013
    i wish starchy could be on 'Joe Rogen Questions Everything'.
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    Aug 21, 2012
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    Oct 1, 2012
    holy butt, this thread is ancient.

    Even when an adult, I'll admit that one time I was afraid to paddle out. I was halfway down the baja peninsula, down some bumpy dirt road, at the end of which was a really flat beach (couldn't see much past the the shoreline) with barely rideable little onshore wind waves. There was no one else around and, even thought the noon sun was blazing, it was just too creepy to paddle out. I didn't actually see any, but, or some reason, I had the feeling there were a bunch of medium sized sharks patrolling the area.
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    Jun 17, 2013
    Holy ****! I have definitely "paid my penance". Why? Why?
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    Aug 15, 2016
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    where is spicoli?he still here or?