Fights in the lineup

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    Apr 20, 2012

    hi I like the nightlife I like to booogy
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    Aug 1, 2010
    Dog Beach in OB, 1981. A buddy of mine from high school pissed off some other guy, who called him to the beach. My friend was 19, 6'2" and 190 lbs. The other guy was 28 and a bit shorter. My buddy beat the living snot out of the instigator...I mean, he left him in a *heap*. Really f'ed him up bad, the lifeguards called EMT and transported him to the hospital. The guy sued, my buddy lost in court and had to pay up pretty big.

    Have a couple of bludz that still hold court at that jetty. I don't know what it is about that place. Probably because it's got such a great peak that, in reality, can only hold a crowd of 5-8 people. Add about 20-30 to that, and it becomes a flurry of screams, threats and splashing.

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    Jun 7, 2014

    PART I

    OMG, the whole neighborhood - a very, very tight crew - just think you are swell, dude !!!

    Your quips are friggin legendary, dude. You have such style, and always say the right things at the right time. Perfect delivery, too. Everyone, THE BOYS and THE WHOLE NEIGHBORHOOD, was laughing.

    That's awesome. That must have made you feel real good. Finally getting that recognition you so desperately desire, which actually is one of the reasons you attack me all the time.

    Dude, THE BOYS, are cool as heck.

    I was trying not to go at you, this time around, but this was just too much. I really was going to just let you go and ignore your insults. But this I could not resist. You need help with your insecurity issues.

    I feel bad for you, MIS. You want to be witty and entertaining sooooo bad. But you just don't have it. You have to come to grips with that.
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    Jun 7, 2014

    Dude, please don't hold back. Please tell the other stories you have. I hope some happened at ___ Street. Lots of secret jetties in the North End.

    See, that illustrates another one of your issues. You aren't withholding the names of these streets in a respectful attempt to keep their identities secret, you are doing it because you think that makes you look cool by doing so.

    Ocean City is the most crowded town in South Jersey. There are no spots that are even remotely on the Down-Low. EVERYONE knows aboot these spots and they are surfed by every pro, clown and everything in between. Not naming these streets, does nothing. Naming these streets in your post would do NOTHING. EVERYONE in the area knows aboot the spots in Ocean City

    And just by chance that they didn't know aboot these spots, a simple ride up the coast would reveal the forty cars parked out front.

    Dude, next time drop the names of the pack of locals. That would make these stories even more impressive.

    If one is wearing a 4/3 they should be wearing gloves.

    If you respectfully stay away from the best peak and The Pack - you know, showing respect for THE BOYS - how come everyone hears your poignant mutterings? Do you yell everything?

    A pass? A pass from who?

    Oh good, so all I have to do is ax some Ocean City people aboot you, and they should be able to provide me with the information I so desperately desire. You know, since you are so well known in "the neighborhood."

    MIS, did you call the Mexican guy "violent?" Hey, how come you are so anti-violence, but you are always being a wise-a$$ to everyone. You are always trying to act superior to people, and you always try and insult people. Why is that? Violence hurts less than the mean things you say to people. That stuff sticks in someone's heart for years.

    You know what, MIS? I feel bad aboot this post, but I'm going to post it nonetheless. I feel bad for you right now. I really do. Dude, creating fictional scenarios in an attempt to paint yourself as an accepted part of a tight, tight, tight crew of Ocean City, NJ cool guys, while boasting of your one-liners, is sad.

    Where was the fights? Isn't this thread aboot fights or at least some verbal abuse? This thread wasn't labeled, "Have you ever impressed a pack with quick wit and hilarious retorts?"

    MIS, if you'd ever like to talk aboot your desires and insecurities I will be there for you. I mean that.

    Oh, for God's sakes, can you be honest and answer something aboot yourself for once? Are you still in Hawaii or have you moved back to New Jersey? Also, are you 48 or in your mid-thirties? You have claimed both on this website. Why would you lie aboot your age? There's something wrong aboot that. Why MIS, why?

    Instead of belittling other people, why can't you reveal anything personal aboot yourself on here?

    Instead of taking some cheap shot at me, why don't you actually think aboot what I just said and try and better yourself.

    Guess what, MIS? You can't insult me.

    You can call me a loser, a drug addict.....whatever. It doesn't bother me because I know who I am, and I accept myself. Also, I don't have secrets. I've shared my life story on here. I'm not hiding anything, and I'm not ashamed of anything. I reveal things aboot myself. I don't hide who I am, and lie aboot my age, while I attack others in a cloak of insecurity.

    Instead of retaliating against me with your God-given knack of poignant disarming one-liners, let me help you. Oh yeah, that's right, God didn't give you your talents because you are above God for HE doesn't exist. You even have all the answers to life's mysteries.............

    ANARCHY !!
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    Apr 1, 2009
    saw a KOOK SUP'er fking cut this dudes face with the paddle. Yea, there was an on beach altercation and the dude with the cut took the KOOKS board!! BWHAHHAHAH
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    Dec 14, 2013
    That's 2 for dog beach.
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    Sep 11, 2014
    croatan 1986 guy gave me **** for going for the same wave as him i said i was sorry even though i did nothing wrong. he just would not let it go and kept hassling me splashing water in my face and telling me he was gonna kick my ass when i got out of the h2o.when i hit the beach and looked back there he was comming to shore to fight he was older and bigger i was scared ****less.i punched him at least 20 times before he could get his leash off .my buddies pulled me off of him otherwise i would have kept throwing.fear is a great m


    Sep 17, 2013
    omg the coolest guy on swell info is back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    SOO EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!!

    I cant wait to answer all the inane questions put to me!!
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    Oct 13, 2013
    this could have been spoken by the ONLY SURFER that didn't paddle out in ac during cristobal.
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    Dec 10, 2007

    We were the worst kind of kooks... Gringo Kooks.

    We actually had a pretty good day out there right until the end. There was 6 of us in our group some relatively seasoned and some pretty green. Anyway, I had surpassed my wave limit for the day and was taking some pictures from the rock of the waves crashing in and the sunset and talking to an older local who was our saving grace in this whole ordeal. Meanwhile, everyone else is doing their thing while the last 2 in our group were catching the last few of the day.

    There was a particularly angry PR that looked like he was half skeleton, half vampire with a bad dental plan, who was angry at everyone but easily ignored. My buddy Jeff, who was the greenest, either cut him off or paddled back through the wave this dude was on. Words were exchanged, there was a leash tug with an invitation to go back to the beach. Jeff had enough and accepted the invite. As usual, as soon as they hit the sand, the rest of the gang showed up.

    Another guy in our group we'll call the innocent bystander, followed Jeff in so they could talk it out peacefully. He politely picked up Jeff's board now holding a board under each arm leaving him completely defenseless. Count Skeletor saw this and right as the peace talks began, clocked the poor kid right in the kisser. Jeff hit him, someone else hit Jeff and as he looked up someone was swinging a 3' section of rebar at his knee. He reached down and caught it, ripped it away and went into some prehistoric, caveman rant that's the universal language for I'm gonna Ray Rice you. He backed up the group of 6-8 PRs enough for them to grab baseball sized chunks of limestone and start chucking them back. Jeff and IB grab the boards, use them for shields and retreat back to the car.

    Luckily, the old man on the rock says, "looks like there's a fight down there." (if you've been, they were right under the restaurant that looks at the break) I had the gut feeling that it was one of my guys and thanked him for telling me as I ran back to the car. When I got there my brothers and Jeff were frantically trying to stuff all of the boards in the car and I saw IB and his brother's tail lights as they left us in the dust (this was extremely inconvenient because they were transporting the board since we had 4 in our car... Kinda F'd our speedy escape)

    This is the only time I've seen Jeff or my brothers scared. None of us are one to back down and we're all sizeable, athletic folks. They told me to get in the car and get ready to drive, so I did. A minute later I see 3 PRs walking up to our car and I realize something is gonna go down. I step out and my brothers and Jeff walk around to the front of the car with me which was a really good, albeit unintentional, show of force. We talked and things were heating up. Just as the floodgate was about to open, the man from the rock came down and calmed everything down.

    We would have smashed those 3 kids and probably the rest of the gang on the beach but they were just the pawns. As soon as peace was made, cars of dudes without surfboards were coming in and we passed more on the drive out. I'm sure they were the Jobos Meat Processing Team ready to do some work.

    The funny thing about it is I have a picture of Jeff and IB running back to the car, probably dodging rocks as I was sitting on the rock taking in the peacefulness of the whole day.
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    Jan 21, 2009
    See I have told stories about that spot on this site, and people respond to me in disbelief. This is the exact spot that my boogie boarding friend got spit in the face. He told me that as soon as he got out to the line up at the OB jetty, some guy paddled over, spit in his face and told him to go... Remember, while telling me this story, he never mentioned he was on a boogie board. He kept saying "I went there to surf". I was "surfing" I "paddled out" etc. etc. I said, dude, what did you do? I know that place is harsh, but no one is going to just spit in your face for no reason... they wouldn't vibe you like that... Finally, he was like, after he spit on me, he said no sponges allowed here... That is when it all made sense. I said, dude, that was a pretty important part of the story to leave out.....

    Seen so much carnage there. Trick I learned on crazy, huge days there, is that reform section right over closer to the stub jetty slabs back up and peels just as clean.
  12. zach619

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    Jan 21, 2009
    I am just having flashes of "A Christmas Story" while reading this.... "RALPHY STOP!"

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    Apr 28, 2014
    Many years ago two local teens got into it in the water. One about 6-feet and solid the other a scrawny 5'6. The action moved under the boardwalk as a crowd gathered. Words were flying back and forth then it got ugly. The smaller of the two opened up a major can of woop-azz on the much bigger kid. Bloodied up the big kid pretty badly. Funniest thing ever as the bigger kid was a real JA in and out of the water. Classic!!!
  14. zach619

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    Jan 21, 2009
    Guess you can count my BBer story as #3.... The OB side of the jetties was by far one of the most loc'ed out spots out there, but for FIGHTS, I would have to say, I have heard more war stories from the MB Jetty. Not because the surfers are super tight there, but because they were mostly juiced out freaks from Claremont and La Mesa.... 15 jacked up F350s side by side in the parking lot. Dudes crushing beers in the parking lot and head butting each other before paddling out.... Everytime I ever surfed there, I kept my head on a swivel, cause for every 10 d-bags out there, hoggin every barrels, snaking guys they don't know, there are 20 meatheads in the parking lot just waiting to break someones head open..... Parking lot = sketch. Lineup = sketch....

    I mean, these guys were juiced up pollocks with no fu**ing future. Very dangerous group of dudes.
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    Jun 3, 2014
    Early aughts, I lived in somebody's guest room in a crazy-fancy neighborhood. I was about 1/4 mile from the beach, and 1/2 mile from **t*** *u**, a pretty right-hand point, wind protected and great at all times except on rare easterlies (when everything else would fire) or at super-low tide. There was a guard gate on the road which I used to blow past on my bike, daily. Minimum wage rent-a-cop wasn't willing to put his body on the line to stop me. Eventually, though, I got tired of the hassle and wearing out my beach bike (sometimes had to ride in the water if the tide was high enough, so I started coming in from the other side, which was a solid walk, but on a very nice beach. A good way to warm up pre or mellow out post sesh.

    I boogered the two points there without any trouble for a year or so. Friendly, respectful, and I stayed off the peak and picked up scraps when the long-term locals were around. Got a LOT of great waves and was cordial with the locals. Some killer memories of sessions until stars were reflecting in the water at those secret spots on that secluded beach under the cliffs. Some sketchy bike rides home in the pitch dark, but that's part of the mystique.

    One day, I moved away, and became a drive-in. Now you had to park about a mile from the climb down the cliff, so there was no way to tell I wasn't still living there, but my smell must have changed or something, because 2 sessions later, one of the richy-rich locs decides no more waves for me, and starts burning me on every wave he can. Not even a very good day. Then a wrinkled old ex-trophy Chihuahua woman piles on and starts yipping at me nonstop. I'm ready to fight richy, but what can I do about an obnoxious old crone dogging me? It's pretty clear the rest of the crowd is sharing in the hate. So I got vibed right the f out of the water. I have never sponged or surfed the spot since, though it remains on my list.
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    Jan 21, 2009
    First "local lesson" I was taught was by an angery local about my age on Sunset Cliffs back in 2003ish. I had not been out there for a year yet really. Was surfing with ONE other guy at one of the more reputable spots there. People have a thing for putting statuary on top of the Rock/Point, hint hint.... But anyway, I am out there, trading waves with this guy. I have seen him all over OB, so he was an obvious born and raised guy. It was kind of an A Frame that day, but it was breaking better going left. The other guy got a nice, long left all the way inside and He starts paddling back. I go on a left, but it was one of those fat, mushy ones, where you get a bottom turn in, come back up to do a top turn and realize its crapping out, so I pop over the back about 20 yards down the line. There are more set waves coming in now, and I am only like 20 yards outside the peak, so I start scraping... Meanwhile, the other guy is behind me about 20-25 yards and I can hear him paddling hard too. Anyway, the first setwave comes and I go, take it all the way in, he ends up missing the remaining waves for whatever reason... So, I paddle back out, and as I get close to him, he said something like "Paddle around people like that around here and you have going to have a big problem"... I look over my shoulder, just to make sure it's just me and him. I am like, he can't be talking to me.... So, I start saying, "What do you mean? I didn't even get a wave, I was already back almost in the lineup." You are saying I backpaddled you when you were 30 yards behind me still? I was supposed to just sit there and let a set go by while you werent even in position... He just looked at me, said "Whatever, just stay out of my way"..... And that was that. I stayed out, right next to the guy for another 30 minutes or so and left. I just stayed out so I didn't look defeated, but the dude vibed me right out of the water... I understand looking back, how he could have perceived what I did... But that is BS. It was just me and him, plenty of waves... Seen that guy hundreds of times after that. Never said a word to him. I doubt he even remembered me, as in future days I had witnessed him being a general d-bag to anyone who didn't go to Point Loma High....

    But that was my first experience with SoCal hospitality. Not a big deal, but that was the first time I got called out in the water there. And it was a weird situation.
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    Mar 6, 2012
    Wow, lots of dudes getting "vibed right out of the water", must be humiliating. I've never had the pleasure of anybody doing that do me, then again, i'd probably be that smaller guy getting pulled off the bigger buy for going all sorts of crazy on his face if it ever did happen. Maybe i'll get lucky one of these days and get targeted, but in 18 years of surfing it's never been a problem. It would take an entire group of dudes and me being alone to back down, and even then I've taken my medicine and given plenty in return before. Maybe i'm just too stubborn for my own good.

    People, don't let some snarky comment force you out of the water, that's just turrible...
  18. zach619

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    Jan 21, 2009
    Agreed. Which is why I stayed out for 30 more minutes or so, putting forth my best efforts on the wave in a shallow attempt to somehow regain credibility lost from this d-bag.

    It was the right call to stay out and pretend it didn't bother me, and even to talk back at him and question it at the time... But the second that happens, especially when it's just you and the other person out there... The vibe is killed. I don't care if he would have left right afterwards and I stayed for 2 hours... Session... Killed.

    That's just how it is sometimes. But yeah, his Jedi-mind tricks worked though. All he was doing was being unwelcoming to a guy that wasn't from there, in the hopes to keep the place to himself. And I must admit, there were a few times after that where I checked it, saw that it was just him out and kept moving down the line to a different wave. So yeah, his Jedi Mind tricks worked on me, albeit temporarily.
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    Mar 2, 2010
    Was down in Cabo two years ago. pulled up with three of my buddies at zippers. there were like 4 mexican locals out. was like shoulder high and clean. i thought wow this is going to be epic, only 4 other guys out. we decided i would paddle out first so that we didnt have four of us paddling out all at once. went way down the point to where the wave ended and paddled out. was probably about 100 yards from where the locals were sitting. started to make my way over to the lineup and one of the dudes starts freaking out screaming and yelling in Spanish.. i thought hmmm whats wrong with this guy. keep paddling over and he starts paddling my way still freaking out. but i couldnt understand him. then starts cursing at me in english telling me to get the f out of here i cant surf this spot blah blah blah hes gonna kill me blah blah blah. then all his buddies start paddling over too. i got out tail between my legs and went and surfed the rock. so humiliating. never experienced or seen anything like that in my life. total bummer really


    Sep 17, 2013
    I got mind control over Deebo. He be like "shut the f**k up." I be quiet. But when he leave, I be talking again.