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Discussion in 'Mid Atlantic' started by huuor, May 21, 2016.

  1. huuor

    huuor Well-Known Member

    Mar 29, 2012
    Anyone have any experience with Firewire - specifically the Seaxe?
    It meets most of my criteria for a new board (except price - north of $800) so hoping to avoid a costly mistake.

    Some background: Been surfing for well over 20 years (in my mid 40s). Mostly ride a 6'6" thruster or an 8'2" tanker. Getting on in years so gravitating more to the 8 footer but recently realized that it's the feel of the single fin I like. Sure I can turn in the pocket but prefer drawing longer lines. I've been a PU guy all my life 'cept occasional EPS rentals (mostly West Coast and (not to boast) J-Bay).

    The Seaxe is relatively new so no decent reviews on the here I am, begging you fellow East Coasters (or those that lurk on this forum)...

    Keen to hear about the difference between TimberTek and regular PU boards as well as anyone who has this specific model.

    Oh and if this thread is already underway somewhere, let me know...

  2. Mitchell

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    Jan 5, 2009
    I've never owned a Firewire, so can't be of much help there. I've ridden a few...for better or worse they feel nothing like PU...the difference in buoyancy and flex is noticeable...I'll just leave it at that. Drawing long lines on a mid length single fin where weight might not be a bad thing, not wanting to spend nearly a grand on a board, and suspecting that there might be a local shaper or three around who know their single fins would have me leaning away from the FW and towards a PU shaped by someone with experience making single fins.

    You mentioned avoiding a mistake...the more information the shaper has about what you want, the better your odds are. WRV makes a model called the Bangaroo or something like that that kind of looks like it might be nice for sweeping through some turns. You could probably get one of them made to your specs for a lot less than the FW.

    Someone's going to mention how durable FWs are. If avoiding dings matters a lot to you, then I guess the FW has that going for it.
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  3. Hawky

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    May 9, 2014
    heard some criticism for firewires being too thin/dodgy volume
  4. littlerhody

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    Jan 16, 2009
    Firewires ain't worth the money. I bought the nano a while ago and the board is ok but I have a Roberts meat cleaver I bought for 600 and it's a way better board. The FireWire was 775 not worth it. They do a good job with marketing but your better off with other shapes in my opinion. Sky fall for the marketing of FireWire.

  5. HaydukeLives!

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    Mar 24, 2015
    You've been surfing over twenty years yet you come to a forum full of lame old fux and fromunda cuda's to get boarde advise?

    What board that you have owned ever was worth anything north of 400?

    I would say go for it and prove me wrong.

    Unless that ****te will end up like antique furniture it's a waste of money
  6. huuor

    huuor Well-Known Member

    Mar 29, 2012
    Think of it more as hunting for a review on a specific board rather than looking for board advice.
    I know what I want and more importantly I know what I need. I'm good there just want to know people's experience with a specific model. (I bet you've been reading books for a while, but still consider Amazon reviews before buying one). In this instance, no reviews exist so throwing it out there.

    BTW Boards have ranged from Kechele 6'2" Retro Electro to Channel Islands stock boards to a (Hobie) longboard and some (currrently preferred) mid-lengths along the way.
  7. Barry Cuda

    Barry Cuda Guest cannot read; his reading skills are at the pre-kinder level at best. If Miss Piggy doesn't write his posts, he squeals like a pig.....hahahaha!! Could not let that by, haydukelives!!

    As for your board interest, I have never owned a Firewire, but, many of my friends bought them, then, in short time sold them because they did not care for them. Those that did were in your age group. Again, that is not my opinion of the boards as I have never ridden one, but just passing on friends experiences.
    Good day.
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  8. HaydukeLives!

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    Mar 24, 2015
    I laughed. It could have been much more funny if you just stopped after the semi-colon.