First time to SoCal/Baja super stoked need advice

Discussion in 'Surf Travel' started by Juancbernardez, Sep 21, 2014.

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    Jan 7, 2014
    Hello everyone, I'm landing in LAX nov 26th and leaving dec 18th. im a surfer from Venezuela, started surfing 2 years ago been in nica twice (popoyo area) and went to panama a couple of months ago (santa catalina and morrillos). im super stoked about cali, all the hollywood surf scene scenario feels like its going to be so ****ing awesome. i don't really have a plan yet, all I know is the dates I arrive and leave.

    thoughts so far is staying in LA at a friends for the first night (i arrive 11PM), rent a car and head straight to san diego (la jolla with an uncle or del mar with a friend but he lives with 3 frat roommates so all the party scene seems like might take surfing time so I don't know about that yet). looking to buy 1-2 new or like new boards, heard I can find insane deals in craigslist instead of paying 700 for a new board in a store? thoughts on that?

    other than that, I plan to surf everyday (hence the staying at the frat house doubt). i asume i will be surfing the most at the closest break (i like beach breaks) to where I stay but obviously will be doing day/s trips to breaks in 1-2 hour away drive range. really stoked about surfing lowers..

    im a little worried that this time (comparing to nica/panama) my trip won't be as much as a 'surf trip' as I like my surf trips to be (surf trip def. for me no wearing underwear, shirt, only worries is how good the surf is, you all know what im talking about) since im actually going to a city in where I'm going to wear jeans and drive (don't know how long) every time I want to surf, so I have in mind taking 1-2 weeks of my time in cali and drive south to BAJA :cool::cool::cool::cool: any advices/experiences you guys could share with me?

    you've read the story, would appreciate any advices you guys could give me. sorry for my ****y english ;)
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    Aug 1, 2010
    Actually Juan, your English is excellent.

    There are a ton of surf breaks within reach of both La Jolla and Del Mar. La Jolla has mostly reef breaks, but you say that you like beach breaks. I have one answer for that: Blacks Beach. Look north from La Jolla Shores and Scripps Pier, and you'll see some very large cliffs. You can figure out how to get there. South of La Jolla is Pacific Beach...lots of beach breaks, on a much lower skill basis.

    Del Mar has decent beach break, with a couple of reef/beach setups. The waves are pretty gentle there, much gentler than Blacks. You'll find some really good beach breaks north of Del Mar in Encinitas, Leucadia, Carlsbad and Oceanside, with O-side usually being a bit more consistent.

    Baja? Bring your passport and your cojones to Baja Malibu, a powerful and uncrowded beach break about 20 minutes or so from the border. Rosarito Beach is pretty good, and you can munch on fish tacos and beer at any of the hotels after a surf session. Lots of super reef breaks further south, all within road's view.

    If you want the Mexico experience without the border hassle, pull into Imperial Beach and go to the end of Seacoast Dr.---blazing barrels with little to no crowd.

    Enjoy your trip, and let us know how it goes (pictures are always preferred). Pases un buen viaje.

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    Jun 3, 2014
    Dang, I'm a month late. Well, you're still not here yeat.

    Do you want to party and surf, or just surf? You can certainly do both in LA. SD is okay, but the scene there is more laid-back college-bar type stuff. In general, partying doesn't get in the way of surfing. Party at night, surf in the morning, sleep in the afternoon. Repeat.

    If I were you, I'd hit the LA party scene for at least one week. I've hit it worldwide, and LA is the mecca for clubbing, second to none. Berlin is the only place that even comes close. Message me if you want to know some clubs where you can get away with street wear without standing out too badly. You will need shoes and pants, though. Boardies and flipflops will force you to stick with local dive bars.

    If you have wheels, you're set. Keep in mind that, especially during the late fall when you'll be here, winds are onshore in the afternoon, so plan accordingly.

    Party 2300-0500:

    You'll want to head out around 2300/midnight and club until 0200 to 0400 depending on the places you go. If you don't end up going home with someone, get some after-hours eats and chill at a lounge like Nova Express or a deli like Canters. If you're eating or f-ing, finish up by 5AM, because you need to clear LA traffic pre-6AM if you want to dawn patrol anywhere other than El Porto. If you bail from the Sunset/Pico/La Brea area by 0530, you can usually make it as far south as Trestles or as far north as Rincon without getting stuck in traffic.

    Surf 0600-1300:
    There are two great times to surf; pre-dawn, and after 0900. Crowds are lowest at these times. If you're hitting a big-name spot on a good day, paddle out at first light (around 0545) and get a few semi-empty waves before the herd attacks. You can refuel from whatever fast food or coffee place is nearby and watch the circus from 0730 to 0830, then paddle out into the diminishing crowd and hit it until the lunch crew starts trickling in around 1100. The wind will blow most spots out anywhere from 0900 to 1300+. Or you can just surf straight through if you want. Weekends will be totally zooed everywhere, so just throw timing out the window and hit it in the AM whenever.

    Sometimes you get evening glass from 1500 until dark (around 1700 this time of year), and crowds can be lower if it catches people by surprise. I rarely bother. 1400-2100 is a good time to sleep before you hit the clubs again. Rinse and repeat.