Flagler College, Good Surf Schools

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    Sep 20, 2013
    As far as jobs around Flager/St.Augustine the most prevalent would probably be in the tourism field. Hotel, restaurant, gift shps, surf shops etc... That area really is a tourist hot spot. There's plenty of other types of jobs but like I said tourism is the hit in that town/area.

    Ridecarr.... if you are thinking about Biz management I would seriously look into Stetson University. (little Harvard)

    Also UCF is a good school for business. If you are on a tight budget Daytona State College also has a pretty good business school. In fact they have a whole separate program that deals with just small business and is open to anyone and everyone. You don't even have to be enrolled in the school to attend. Its called the "Small business development center".


    Actually a pretty good program, I attended myself.

    Sorry to digress...
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    If you are talking about the pier villiage apartments, they arent dorms and cost a freakin arm and a leg to live in

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    I never thought I'd ever wear the hood and gloves again here, but it looks like that day will be today.
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    Mar 25, 2013
    Waves and girls? UNCW fits that mold pretty darn well.
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    Sep 28, 2008
    There are waves in southern NC?
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    Mar 6, 2012
    If I were to go back to school i'd go to Flagler and surf my ass off anywhere from Jax to NSB, it's all within striking distance
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    Dec 12, 2013
    I spent my first year of college at Flagler back in '93. I chose it to be close to the waves, and in spring and fall, they were pretty sweet. About 15 minutes into orientation, I felt like I'd made a bad decision. Things might have changed, but it was an EXTREMELY conservative school back in the day. All sorts of hardcore fundamentalist religious nuts (even back before that was mainstream), and just an overall vibe that made me feel like I was in the town from Children of the Corn. There were more men than women, and ABSOLUTELY no women were allowed in the men's dorm and vice versa. Penalties for drinking were very strict, (zero tolerance, expulsion), they didn't even allow refrigerators in the dorm rooms. I ended up transferring to FSU, which was close to 3 hours away from the ocean, but my overall college experience was wonderful and wide open highways and little to no traffic made bi-weekly surf trips a pretty easy reality. Surfing is a huge part of my life, and I hope it always will be, but I would make sure you're making the best decision because it's one you'll live with for a long time.
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    UNC-Wilmington is dopeeeee kiddd.

    It pains me to say this because i know people will read it and do it. URI is a sick place to go to school if youre a surfer. The off-campus housing is beach houses. its ridiculous. you're here for fall, winter and spring---the only times we actually get swell and you will have a great time. tons of livestock (ladies) and some of the best parties i've been to were down in the gansett area. do it son. just dont be a doosh about it. we all know who the out of state URI kids are and we hate you. live it up, party, debaucherize but dont shove it in our faces.
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    If I may elaborate.
    ODU is a state school, offering a Biology degree (BS) with a concentration in Marine Biology. It also offers an Ocean & Earth Science degree (BS) with concentrations in Biological Oceanography and Chemical Oceanography. It has its own research vessel and works closely with NOAA. The school also has a sailing facility and sailing team. Unfortunately, the water is very polluted. Several undergrad and graduate Business degrees/concentrations are also offered. My sister-in-law graduated from ODU in the 80s, and my son is in his second year there - a Business major.
    But if we did not live in the area (VA Beach), I don't think I'd recommend it. This coming from a parent. The school itself is good, but I certainly would not pay out of state tuition. The immediate surrounding area is not pleasant with a fair amount of crime - mostly involving locals (boyz in the hood) preying on college students: shootings, armed robberies, home and car burglaries. My son and his friends were robbed at gunpoint near campus. Student home burglaries increase during Thanksgiving and X-mas breaks when the students are away. Cops there seem to concentrate more on the college kids (underage drinking and partying) than dealing with the local thugs.

    Virginia Wesleyan College in VA Beach is a Methodist private school. It offers BA and BS degrees in Biology with a Minor in Marine Science, as well as BA and BS degrees in Earth and Environmental Science. I believe one of the Forum members attends Wesleyan and could tell you more.
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    Much of the school is still pretty conservative. I never had a problem other then getting cornered at my truck by the god squad. Regardless of it's conservative views (no girls in dorms, no drinking on campus, etc) there is still a great experience to be had. There were drink specials every night except sundays, i mean like quarter beers and free drinks, house parties are awesome, cops are lenient, you only wear a wetsuit for a few months, there is opportunity to see other sweet towns, and you can get an education while you at it.

    There is also an amphitheater that brings in some big names in the summer months. I only went home one summer my entire stay there, the place is great.

    Good skateparks, fishing, and even some ghetto if that tickles your fancy.

    agreed. There is alot of hurt in that truth haha
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    Apr 14, 2013
    I'm a UD alum. I believe the marine biology program is a graduate program only. You stay on site in Lewes, I think right on the beach. But I wouldn't recommend moving to DE for the surf right now though. I just moved away from that area and in the last few years watched all but one local surf spot get dredged into extinction.

    Also, my cousin went to Flagler and he had a few friends that were very good surfers there. So it might be the ticket. It's a nice part of Florida.
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    Went there in the late 80's and campus life was between nil and zero. Surfed wayyy too much. Only spent 1 yr. there but went back for surf trips often. Plenty to do away from campus though. Sebastian Inlet is about 20 min south. Generally there are good breaks all around the area.

    Watch for cold fronts moving off the coast in the mid-atlantic and northeast regions then watch the buoys for the big north ground swells to arrive. RC's was a my goto spot on these days. If it's small in melbourne but the horizon looks like the edge of a ginsu knife, you'll probably want to head south until you get to where ever the swell and the beach meet.

    Oh yeah, due to varying college spring break schedules, you'll get to enjoy about 6 weeks of spring breakers partying up the place and daytona is about 45min north. Don't go for the sunburnt and bronze ones. Catch 'em while they're still pasty and white. You don't want sloppy seconds/thirds/fourths/fifths/etc.


    Sep 17, 2013
    very funny
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    thanks for all the replies gents. i applied to a few schools, Flagler being my main choice. Will know March 30th wether or not I am in. I am flying down for a week in late March, also checking out University of Tampa and FSU. Applied to UNC Wilmington and CoCharleston as well. Wish me luck
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    I'm also starting to look at colleges, can anyone who has attended or researched elaborate on College of Charleston? From surf, to tolerance, etc.