Forgive me Barry for I have sinned (and dropped in)

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    Yes and no. This was my point to smitty about the whole generation thing. I see these types more then snowflake types. But i got to say i guess I'm pretty lucky. Im cool with the guys in the water, all of them. Older or younger. Lifetime surfer or brand new. There really isn't conflict at all. For instance i surf with a group of older guys, 60s. 2 or 3 are lifelong surfers, very talented, respectful, and full of stoke. The rest are buddies that got into surfing late in life and etiquette is lacking some. Not very good. But they are polite. Know there place. Drop in every now and then but i don't care. Mistakes happen and they will apologize. They surf as a group, its a insta-crowd. But again. I don't care. Im friends with them all. They give off good vibes and i enjoy being around them.

    With that being said i see others just like them who aren't "led" by a lifelong surfer. Who are really quite annoying to be around. But the big difference is those guys don't have the same confidence. They don't have that mentor figure with them. You can see that they feel slightly out of place. Even though dudes on a 10ft 3+in log, i'll paddle circles around them on a 5'7. There's some frustration every once in awhile with these types. But dealing with them is almost a skill that is learned. Paddle for the first wave of a set knowing you want the second or third, they all paddle, you back off, take your pick. That sort of thing.
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    There was a lot more no tolerance policy enforcement when I was a kid. You couldn't even show your face at the best spot till you surfed the secondary spots for awhile. I had to travel up to Jensen Beach to learn to stand up, my friend told me not to kook out at home, it would make it harder to get waves.

    Fights were common in the late 70s, it had gotten crowded and the old heavies were still alive, doing coke, and out of jail, and they took no shit off anyone, especially non locals and young groms. I kept quiet and got good waves and earned some respect.

    Got older and we all got real aggro with the jet skiiers, in the mid 80s. Got into a war with them for years that led to fights at boat ramps and on the beach. Now it's different, the kids run the spot, they are real good surfers but anyone can surf there if they can surf well and if they are respectful.

    The crowded spots like Juno Pier or the south jetty, it's such a free for all, I avoid it unless its big and lots of set waves to spread out the crowd, or if it is small and only breaking there, and I am desperado for a wave. Then I try not to go back to the dumbass mode of my youth. I just smile and get a few. Sit off to the side , then go back to the peak, then get a wave or two and get fed up with the BS and sit off to the side for a bit, cool off, get a swing wide or two, go back to the peak....drop in by "accident", apologize for blindness or deafness, get another wave, take a timeout. Surfing in the modern era.

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    I like "high dollar grocery getter" reminds me of Yuppie auto commercials on TV, seems always a surfer slamming the door on the Land Rover on the beach so maybe more marketing than phenomenon but certainly an observation we all have experienced locally.
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    That is what my wife says!!!
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    Confucius say… never approach a bull from the front, a horse from the rear or a moron from any direction.

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    Happy B-Day Barry
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