FS: No. 6 XL bicep leash

Discussion in 'Global Bodyboarding Talk' started by ziptiespec, May 23, 2013.

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    Aug 31, 2010
    Not sure this forum gets much traffic but I thought I'd post here anyway.

    I have a brand new No. 6 bicep leash in XL size. I bought it to see if it'd be more comfortable in the winter when I'm rocking a 6/5. When No. 6 says XL they mean it - this thing was entirely too big, even with my neoprene on. So... if you're a big guy, or have large biceps, this leash is perfect for you. I'm 6'1", 190 and have an average build and there's no way it would work for me.

    So yeah, brand new. Just shoot me an offer. I'd like to see it get used instead of collecting dust on a shelf.