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    Jan 27, 2015
    Kind of. I don't believe in ghosts. I don't not believe in ghosts. But something weird happened. This might get long winded. I never had any type of weird unexplainable experiences. Ever. Then me and my then GF/now wife moved into an apartment a few years ago and things started happening.

    First thing was this shelf in the bathroom. Picture a slice of pizza. That was its shape. It was mounted in a corner right above the sink. One night we woke up to a loud bang and i found the shelf in the sink with all the stuff on it scattered around. The weird part? There are 4 dowels, 2 on each side that connect the shelf to the support. I messed around with it. Pushing on it. Smacking it. Only way i could get the shelf to budge was to use upward force first.

    Second thing was this light. In the bedroom the was a window on the south wall and east wall. Lights from cars would sometimes come in from the south window. The east window was the back of the house. Well a light appeared on the east wall. We both saw it. No biggie. But then it moved to the south wall, next to the window where it would come in from. Then moved onto the ceiling and jetted. I can't explain it. Light doesn't make U turns. No mirrors. No nothing.

    Third thing. Watching tv in bed. Sitting up. I felt somthing on my forehead. Slight pressure. Like some one was touching me with there finger. Thinking my wife was messing with me i stiffened my neck when my head got pushed back despite me fighting it. I look to her... she saw my head fling back but wasn't touching me. I had a red mark on my forehead.

    Last somewhat normal thing. Laying in bed. Watching tv but had my eyes closed. Was fully awake though. I was listening to a football game and was fully aware of what was going on. I heard my name whispered into my ear. Felt the breath. Shot up thinking it was my wife again. She was sleeping.

    Now this is where it gets REALLY weird. That night im sleeping. Im laying on my side facing the middle of the bed. Wake up and barley open my eyes to see somthing walking by the foot of the bed. Wifes going to the bathroom. Close eyes. Open them again moments later to see my wife laying next to me. I start to turn my head to look behind me and get up thinking someone broke in. I see a dark figure standing over me. My body froze. I was trying to move but couldn't. Hard to breathe. Couldn't talk. Completly paralyzed as im just looking at this thing standing over me. After a minute or so it just vanished and i could breathe and move. Searched the whole apartment. No one broke in.

    At this point im like what the hell is up with this apartment. The other things were strange and i couldn't explain it. But this was freaky. After that i saw some other things. I accepted it. I called them ghosts. Half jokingly.

    Well we moved into a house in August. No weird happenings. Until a few nights ago. Me and wife were talking and she stopped suddenly. Said she thought she saw somthing. Didn't think anything of it. That stuff happens all the time. That night i woke up. Open my eyes and see a dark figure enter our bedroom and slowly move across the room to the foot of our bed. Paralyzed again. Tried yelling my wife's name. Nothing. As it approached the bed i felt this weight on my chest that got heavier as it approached. It got to the point where it actually hurt. I was struggling to breathe. Then it vanished again.

    Im not saying ghosts. But it's weird. Talking to a friend there's somthing called "sleep paralysis". Hallucinations are common and it's exactly what i describe. But why does everyone "hallucinate" dark figures?

    Just weird. Discuss. Similar stories? Theories? Am i haunted?
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    Mar 6, 2012
    Holy crap that’s some weird experiences you had. Not sure if it’s mental or for real but something I would try to figure out. If you think it’s real and not mental setup a camera in your room and see if you capture anything. If nothing, get your noodle checked out lol
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    Nov 8, 2017
    Some of that stuff can be explained, imho. The light bouncing around thing. Have seen that certain surfaces will pick up the slightest light & throw it all over the place, to where one thinks that it's not possible for a reflection to be 'way over there.' In other words, refracted light often ends up 'stopping' at indirect locations due to one or more reflective 'bounces.'

    Wasn't there, so it's just my theory.

    Have had the nighttime 'someone's touching me, no one's there' thing. No idea what it was / is;
    as long as it's not my evil ex-wife breaking into my house for yet more money, I think it's just my over-worked mind.

    Saw my dog Yankee for several weeks after he passed away in 2004. Walking along the wall in the living room. Dug into that & it seems that it's commonplace for pets to be 'seen' by their owners after the companion passes away. Point being, your mind...not that you're losing it, it's just eons more powerful than anyone really even knows.

    And, nothing for nothing, rec drug use past or present has been documented to 'produce' some mind's eye stuff even when one is sober. Look at Morgellon's. People swear it exists, even document it with photos online. Turns out that it's a form of psychosis, often brought on by rec drug use in one's life. Dermatologists will tell you, adamantly, that they have never seen a case of 'Morgellon's' even when a human is standing in front of them pointing to it on their body. In short, it's the mind.
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    Nov 19, 2018
    Sounds like some one needs an exorcist......
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    Nov 8, 2017
    At this point in the human virus saga on planet Earth, with all the cameras & billions of people & technology, one would tend to think that if angels, devils, spirits, ghosts, goblins & wayne's world really existed, that it would have been somehow documented.

    Other than anecdotal 'experiences' there's never been a documented sighting of an angel for example. Yet, something like 70% of humans believe they exist. That's cross-cultural, by the way.

    I'm not the great skeptic that I come off as. Au contraire....I've experienced aspects that I cannot explain, will always remember & do wonder about.

    Is there another, invisible dimension that we cannot see? Occupied by...others? Or, you know that moment when your dog comes out of a deep sleep & watches something moving across your living room? No noise or anything, inside or outside. What the heck is that all about?
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    Jul 17, 2009
    I lived in a old house once and we didn't have any pets, but I would always catch a glimpse of a little dog running into the master bedroom.

    It could have been a ghost, or as ol' yank said, a figment of the residual psychosis caused by years of substance use ha
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    Jun 17, 2013
    The mind can be trippy. I've gone down the rabbit hole in my teens on LSD back in the 70s, and also during sweat lodges in the early 80s. Your mind - conscious, unconscious, subconscious, and super-conscious (look it up under Huna philosophy) can manufacture all types of visions accompanied by powerful emotions.

    Long ago my kenpo instructor was experiencing the same heavy weight phenomena during sleep. He was dabbling in some occult practices and who knows what it was. He also got the mild bends during an emergency surface event while scuba diving before that started to happen, could be related...

    Here's a true ghost story I experience while living in Montgomery, Alabama back in the early 80s.

    The Ghost of Hank Williams Wife (or Mom?)

    It was the anniversary of Hank Williams birthday, and me and a couple buddies were living in Montgomery doing fund raising for the Shriners. We'd drive down to Panama City Beach on weekends to surf every now and then, but the rest of the the time we were stuck in Alabamy. So we decided to get a case of beer, roll a couple fatties, and go visit Hank's Grave one fine Sunday morning.

    So we drive through this big bucolic graveyard, with rolling hills, a railroad track going through it, and a big section for Confederate Civil War soldiers. Way up on the top of a hill stood two 10 foot tall marble monuments , gleaming in the sunshine.


    Parked off to the side was an old flat green International truck, with three good ole boys taking swigs off a pint of whiskey wrapped in a brown paper bag. To the left of the grave was a big arch of flowers, about five feet high and three feet wide.

    We all were drinking beer and got out of the car and were reading the stuff on the marker, when one old dude comes up to us and says he and his two friends used to play in Hank's band. And then he goes into this half drunken rant in a southern drawl about how Hank's wife drove him to ruin and an early death, she was cheating on him and they had to dig up his Mom when the wife died and then put the wife next to Hank and moved his Mom's grave off to the right, and that wasn't right.

    So about two seconds later the stand of flowers falls over. There was NO WIND!

    The good ole boys jumped in the truck, and the one that told the story asked me, while stuttering profusely, to please stand the flowers back up, then they took off fast. I stood it back up, making sure the wire frame was firmly planted in the red Alabama clay, so it wouldn't fall again.

    So we fired up a joint after they left, and drank a few more beers. While we were driving away, I said to my buddies, "that was sure weird with the flowers falling right after he told that story". I'm driving slowly away, and as I looked back in the rearview mirror, the stand of flowers fell over once againne.

    I kept on driving.
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    Nov 8, 2017
    I know metro DC well. I always take visitors to a couple of places, then whatever else they want to see. One is ANC, and they have to walk up through the cemetery, not take the fat people's tram, and we view the Changing of the Guard.

    The other is Manassas Battlefield aka Bull Run. For many, many years, tourists have come back from walking the large expanse of fields & old structures where the two battles were fought & barraged the NPS rangers as to the Civil War re-enactors in the red leggings they saw out by the tree line. Ah, small problem with that. Reenactors are forbidden on all NPS battlefields with the exception of Gettysburg. Been NPS policy for decades.

    Brought a buddy of mine from New Zealand out there 15 yrs ago. Standing there prior to the ranger tour (well worth taking), no one but us 3 standing there, I said to the ranger, "Received any recent reports about the red legs?" He snapped his head around & with a piercing stare, said "What do you know about that? Ok, let's move out, tour is starting." And strode away. My buddy's jaw dropped & he said wtf under his breath, because the ranger's reaction was so intense.

    Recently a Japanese tour group came back to the ranger station (and this saga made it into the media here) buzzing about the soldiers with the red leggings at the tree line & how exciting it was to see them. Even after the rangers told them it was impossible, they were adamant that they had seen what they had seen.

    This is from the WaPo.....1989...
    When it comes to ghosts, Manassas National Battlefield Park Ranger James Burgess says, "You can't prove anything by me." But visitors, he said, have reported seeing house lights where there is not a house, smelled the scent of black powder and once "the smell of burning flesh."

    Park employees have also testified to sudden drops in temperature on muggy days and baffling noises in the battlefield Stone House.

    But the oddly uniformed 5th New York Zouave regiment, whose members fought in the Second Battle of Manassas, has stirred some of the most perplexing sightings. Always near dusk, images of the soldiers, clad in red pantaloons, white leggings and sleeping cap-type hats, have been reported by visitors to move along the woods on the western end of the park.

    "There is something very strange going on," said parapsychologist Arthur Berger, president of the Survival Research Foundation, which led an investigation of the Zouave sightings several years ago. The findings were included in Berger's recently published book, "Evidence of Life After Death: A Casebook for the Tough-Minded."
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    Aug 21, 2012
    Not ruling anything out but Bass sounds like you're experiencing sleep paralysis. Not much is known about brain activity while this is taking place. Admittedly only read the last paragraph about the dark figure.

    All that being said I wouldn't rule out ghosts/residual energy/whatever.

    I think the true workings of thing are beyond our comprehension and much more complex than we can imagine.
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    Jun 29, 2018
    Try not reacting in fear next time. I know it sounds wacko and easier said than done, but if it’s psychological, then it’s something or someone you need to make peace with and if it’s paranormal, maybe the same or making a stand can alter things. I firmly believe in a spiritual side of life due to very deep and personal experiences but I never try to convince others - if they want to believe it they will for themselves, not by my words.
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  11. Barry Cuda

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    Nov 19, 2018
    Ghosts?? Spirits??
    What's next....that the Pope is always right and there is a god???
    Fucking Bible thumpers......
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    Jan 27, 2015
    Ok so a few things. Yankee...i completly agree with you. Like i said, i don't see somthing and immediately think ghosts. But that light man, it wasn't normal. And i totally did a bunch of acid when i was younger. I totally think it could be just that. But also keep in mind, iv done acid. Seen weird things. I fully understand that the mind can eff with you. This all just seems so diffrent

    Another thing, Mr. B....I don't necessarily react in fear with those two sleep paralysis events. It's more that i can't breathe or am atleast struggling. Spooked for sure the first time. Second time i was pretty calm. Just really felt like i was suffocating. It's a crazy feeling.

    The thing i find weird is i never seen anything. So my minds not constantly "seeing ghosts". In fact like i said, if i do see somthing weird i always can write it off. Even after the first sleep paralysis event, there were times the bedroom door would open or close by itself. I don't think ghost. I think draft. Those few things i could not find a explanation for. Believe me i tried.

    Lastly it's this sleep paralysis thing. This is what i find really interesting. If you Google it, it's exactly what i describe. Must be that no? But what is it really? I mean sleep paralysis. Is it really a natural thing that happens or is it just a way to explain somthing paranormal? This is my thoughts. I get hallucinations/dreams. If you hallucinate it's your brain shifting and distorting what's already there. Dreams tend to come from your thoughts. Dark figures aren't in my thoughts. So why is it so common to hallucinate dark figures?

    Im not saying ghosts although i don't rule it out. It's just an unknown to me. And i see the whole sleep paralysis thing as a theory, not fact. Interesting to talk about though for sure
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  13. DawnPatrol321

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    Mar 6, 2012
    I have lucid dreams quite often, dreams so real I question if it was reality till I realize it was dream. I have written about dreams where I am surfing and end up struggling to get to the surface and feel like I’m drowning. My wife has woken me because it sounds like I’m struggling to breathe and about to die. She has saved me a few times. Some have said sleep apnea, but I think it’s the dream causing this. It’s so real I literally can’t breathe! Idk what I’m getting at but the mind is a powerful thing and does wild things when in sleep mode. The subconscious is crazy complex.
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  14. BassMon2

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    Jan 27, 2015
    If i fell asleep directly after id totally think it was just a lucid dream. After both my sleep paralysis events i get up and am moving and rattled. Definitely not sleeping. Although the whole sleep paralysis theory does basically say your body is sleeping but your mind wakes up sort of thing. And your brain takes a second to wake up hence the "hallucinations".

    The whisper in my ear was another time i wouldn't of thought twice about it had i been even slightly drowsy. But i wasn't. Fully conscious. Just had eyes closed listening to the game TRYING to get tired.

    The minds a crazy thing and we don't really understand it. Alot of my spiritual beliefs play into that idea. How much of the brain do we truly understand? Id say 25% and i think that's being generous
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  15. JayD

    JayD Well-Known Member

    Feb 6, 2012 you are starting to sound like a prophet. The possibilities are infinite. Do you know the unknown? Sorry but hanging your hat on human science is just as absurd...

    Who knows (besides Cuda)? A few years back my girl was napping in the afternoon and felt pressure on her chest (wasn’t me I promise). To this day she feels like it was out of body experience. I lean towards Yankees theory of our mind (our subconscious). But, again who knows!

    Think about how perfect (or imperfect) micro-biology is. Without getting too tripppy I think there is so much we do not comprehend...

    My suggestion is to sleep with one eye open
  16. DosXX

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    Mar 2, 2013
  17. MrBigglesworth

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    Jun 29, 2018
    Science has proven we use less than 10% of our brain during consciousness. That’s 10%.
    Human phenomena like psychokinesis, and a bunch of others shows that our minds are a total unknown - but that only explains some things.
    Some say that we catch glimpses of past or future acts and see them as “ghosts” - some say that we get mental glimpses or glitches of other people’s minds - thoughts that we hear as voices. A lot of what you describe can be attributed to your mind and subconscious conflict both current and unresolved...or unanswered questions.
    But I will say this at the risk of being gonged by Barry lol. I truly believe there is a spiritual world all around us and we’re part of it - the people who experience things are usually more open to it than others and sometimes it’s a subconscious openness. Drugs can really crank that up too as we all well know - because they loosen inhibitions in our minds. How do you explain “hallucinations” of things, people or places you’ve never seen?
    Their not. Dejavu? Yeah, the mind is a wonder but I think it’s just a remote.
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  18. Yankkee

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    Nov 8, 2017
    Define "spiritual world all around us and we're part of it"

    "the people who experience things are usually more open to it" - - what things & open to what?

    I really hope you're not the second coming of wayne the insane, biggsy :rolleyes:
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  19. BassMon2

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    Jan 27, 2015
    I tottaly get what Mr. B is saying. And it's actually exactly how i feel. Im not going to get into my spiritual beliefs because that's a whole other discussion. But in short i think our mind is at the root of it. I think it's way more powerful and capable than most think. I believe there's energy out there that our brain can pick up on. No just in a "ghost" way, but in multiple diffrent ways. The how what and why....i don't know. There's theories and ideas but no one really knows.

    No wonder we get along so well Mr. B. Seems we're totally on the same wave length. Which is one of the non ghostly ways i believe our brains pick up on that energy surrounding us.
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    Mar 10, 2013
    stupid.. just stupid.
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