Ghost stories

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    Jun 20, 2011
    Last year I went to Gettysburg. I was with my youngest son and we were at Little Round Top with no one else around. Hundreds of men fell there in a span of an hour or so during the battle. It was a very eerie feeling. Like being watched. yet peaceful. In all my years, I never gave any of this paranormal stuff any thought, one way or the other. There was definitely some sort of presence there. I won't say it was the "spirits of the fallen" but it was like the land itself was emitting a weird vibe. I was stone cold sober at the time too.
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    Oct 9, 2017
    Q. Why do men have a hole in front of their penis?

    A. So they can get air to their brains.

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    Dec 22, 2017
    Maybe you were hallucinating due to detoxing???
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    Mar 2, 2013
    I've visited the Gettysburg battlefield(s) quite a few times over the years. Nothing paranormal, but I certainly had a sense of awe and wonderment, particularly when looking across the 3/4 to 1 mile wide field the Confederates crossed during Picket's charge to attack the center of the Union line on the third day of the battle. So many dead.
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    Mar 2, 2013
    Living in Ohio as kids back in the 1960s, we used to dare each other to run through the local cemetery at night.
    It was probably the safest place in town.
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    Feb 6, 2012
    Up to that point South had a slight advantage to winning the war but Lee miscalculated and that was a big turning point it seems.
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    Nov 19, 2018
    Yes, antoine, they ARE all morons!! Paranormal morons......
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    Nov 19, 2018
    Not if you were black.....
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    Feb 25, 2019
    We had a lot of weird shit happen in our house. Family downstairs watching TV, someone is running from room to room upstairs - no pets at the time. Doors would open and close, whatever (it's the draft).

    Well one night I got cold as fuck while sleeping all of a sudden on a 80-85 degree night, so I sit up, look in my mirror and there is a figure behind me brushing it's own hair (figure of a little girl or small woman). Told my mom about it the next morning and she laughed like hell. All of a sudden she stops laughing and says: your sister has been having some tea parties with an imaginary friend/girl and has been telling me about her...we both nearly shit our pants.
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    Apr 18, 2015
    In a northern harbor town, some time ago, history tells of a passenger ferry that capsized while docking one winters night. Lots of people drown cause of cold water. Rumer has that on the anniversary and time of the wreck that if you look into the water some ghost are viewable and also hearable.
    Ok, stoked I am. There ready at the right time, spot and date looking, waiting and not seeing anything, WTF? Then behind me I catch a glimpse of a dark image moving around in the shadows of the docks. Aha! I've spotted a ghost and run up to it. So I ask questions like, how are you? How did you get here, and what year is this? Response was, do you have any spare change?
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    Nov 8, 2017
    That happens a lot around metro DC.
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    Apr 18, 2015
    Was riding my bicycle through a swamp one night here Florida, when someone stepped out of the wood's onto the path. Thinking it must be a Zombie so was getting ready to fight with the dead, when it occurred to me. With rotten flesh also rotten gums not able to hold teeth. How could he possibly eat through my skull?
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    Mar 10, 2013
    Holy Halloween tread resurection
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    Dec 25, 2015
    Did the weird stuff stop? Im assuming so?
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  15. Manik

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    Dec 25, 2015
    Never had a supernatural experience. There were a lot of ghost stories when I lived on Nantucket. One of the gift shops in town, Seven Seas, was the home of Captain George Pollard. the captain of the doomed whaling ship The Essex. The ship got sunk by a big ass angry whale (sound familiar? Herman Melville based Moby Dick after this event) and the crew were adrift for months in lifeboats. They resorted to drawing straws to see who would be killed and eaten, and the Captains nephew was one such unlucky victim. Anyways, that shop was supposed to be haunted by the good captain. My buddy worked there many, many moons ago and did everything( staying up through the night multiple times, especially foggy winter months when it was more likely to have an experience) but never had a ghostly encounter. I felt bad for him, he was determined.
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  16. World B Free

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    Feb 7, 2013
    One Halloween when I was in college I attended a massive costume party. The event was off-campus at a place known derisively as "The White Roach". Now "The Roach" was essentially a flop house. Students, musicians, prostitutes and other assorted ne'er-do-well stylee residents. It was located next to a city park and right next door to a funeral home. Party was roaring and therefore, of course, somebody started passing out magic 'shrooms.

    My buddy Will was dressed as Dracula. Great costume, full cape, fangs and everything. At some point well after midnight, suddenly Will is pushing around a full size wooden coffin on a wheeled platform. Needless I say more, we thought it was the greatest thing ever! Apparently he had gone next door and found that the front door of the funeral home was unlocked. Being an enterprising vampire he helped himself to one of their display units.

    Party rages all night long. As some other friends and I were walking back to campus just before dawn we spy a large commotion taking place on the street. Three cop cars with lights flashing. Mind you this was West End Avenue, one of the main thoroughfares through town. 3 Lanes going each way. Big street. Now remember we are all still tripping balls out and wary of any interaction with the local Gestapo. We then notice they have Will (aka Dracula) up against the car "assuming the position" as they are looking over the coffin with their flashlights. Apparently the constabulary had taken an interest in a vampire pushing a coffin down the sidewalk! Protect and Serve at it's finest!

    After he got out of jail that afternoon Will told us the details which included his initial encounter. When the cops asked him what the hell he was doing he replied that he was hurrying home before the sun came up or else he would burst into flames! The cops were not amused and tossed him into the back of the squad car. He said that on their way downtown the cops told him if he indeed did burst into flames at dawn they would let him go! He also described the scene in the holding tank where all his fellow delinquents were compelled to ask the guy in a vampire costume what he was in for and he had to admit it was because he had stolen a coffin. That made the whole cell crack up. Moral of the story? Halloween is best left to the professionals!

    Believe it or not Will is now a Superintendent of Schools in Colorado. Slide on!
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    Dec 25, 2015
    Anyone have any legit ufo experiences? I've been fascinated by the Tic Tac ufo sightings by Navy pilots that have been affirmed by the pentagon, and the fact this isn't blowing everyones minds. There are a couple of interviews with one of the pilots (Joe Rogan has a good one). It's pretty convincing. One of the stranger parts was the craft seemed to be interacting with something just below the waters surface, the whitewater in the middle of the ocean was actually what looked odd and made the pilots to look in that direction. Weird stuff.
    I have seen a lot of satellites over the years, or what I am guessing are satellites. One time I saw what I thought was a satellite but it definitely moved different, it would slow and stop, and move again. Probably a helicopter.
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