Global Warming: Fact or Fiction?

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    What if all you ever ate was funyuns?
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    Uncontrolled flatulence and a bigger hole in the ozone layer.
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    I'm middle of the road on this subject, the earth absolutely has gone through several Ice ages and warm ages. The periods last for close to 100,000 years. Those cycles occur because of changes to Earth's orbit, so I'm guessing the meteor that was responsible for the extinction of the dinosaurs threw the Earth a serious curveball on the cycle.

    Knowing this, humans have no control over the cycles predetermined by the shift in the axis, however, it doesn't take much to see the effects of human's messy inhabitance on Earth.
    Human's tend to not understand what they can't see, physically, but plastic in our oceans, we can see, and it's now a problem so large, it's almost out of our hands. The fish are digesting plastic, then, in turn, we are digesting it when we eat fish. Plastic and garbage washing up on shores.

    I'm trying to keep an open mind in this tribalistic society, I don't think either side is 100% right or 100% wrong. But, I also believe that religion and politics are personal truths and scientific facts are truths that are not debatable, i.e. it has been proven that the Earth is a globe, the subject is not up for debate for the flat-earthers..(thanks to Neil DeGrasse Tyson).

    The current POTUS may be saving us money by backing out of Paris Accord, but he has been assaulting our environment along the way, the only good news is most of the legislation he has tried to enact is held up in the Judicial system or was rejected by judges.
    The perfect example of why I cannot support him on this issue is because he blatantly denies human involvement in climate change, rather than keeping an open mind & the whole "straw" thing, to demean people for trying to replace plastic consumption with a renewable source, then to manufacture them in spite and stamp his name on it is unacceptable.

    I, think, like politics, there are extremists; far left/far right, believers/deniers on our effects on the environment, and extremes on either side are never good. We need to invest in cleaning up our mess, not demoralize others' for their attempts at progress.

    My $.02.
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    Wow! That's more than your .02 cents!
    I don't even know if you made up most of that or you're just a genius. I don't know enough about any of it but I think its cyclical .. And yeah we should police ourselves and be aware of what our part is. I think maybe you're just super smart koki
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    Well, I'm a fallible human, so I guess it's possible I could be wrong.
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