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  1. dudeclimbing

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    Apr 16, 2013
    Ok fellas who has been? Gotta surf it since I go to china every couple years cuz of my wife's family is there. It's on my dream check off list because I'm in country and I should just for that reason alone. Going for all sept. Hopefully something will be kicking up! We can't go any later because of work. Offer is out there. No crowds n we can yell all we want n no one will understand anyways . Thoughts are all welcomed. Oh by the way the women are smoking hot in the south of china.
  2. Stranded in Smithfield

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    Jan 15, 2010
    Not the same but kinda close. Used to live in Micronesia and swell for the leeward side of Guam would likely be generated by the same two sources that would make Hainan break. Regardless of how poor a surf summer it had been, September is the latest that swell should pick up for the North West Pacific (August-October) from either NE lows moving off Asia or from Typhoons. Of course Micronesia has the benefit of having those NE lows' swells traveling 20K miles over open ocean generating some serious surf, but I would imagine that Hainan breaks off of them the same way the EC of the US breaks for us (maybe better with reefs and points)- small but ripable when fronts move off the coast for us. Typhoon season is not like hit of miss hurricane season...there will be typhoons (think 3x more are generated in the NW Pacific that the Atlantic) and Hainan's swell window, though small it is, faces the best possible area in Typhoon Alley. Surfed plenty Typhoons in Micronesia and had many friends travel to the PI to surf them (again a bigger window but similar). Saw some epic photographic evidence. I seem to remember a buddy of mine having already taken a surf trip to the PI in the last month so this year has likely has been a good one of surf. Good luck. I'd be interested to know how it turns out as I will be moving back to the NW Pacific shortly.

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    Apr 12, 2014
    Hainan rarely gets surf except for the lucky Typhoon. However, there is a place with better food, better government, and hotter women, really close, that gets excellent to awesome surf year-round. Tradeswell throws up consistent CH-HH conditions, winter storms generate HH-OH swells, and Typhoons get insane. 30+ feet and absolutely clean massive waves (unless it's a direct hit). Water is 80 degrees, blue, and empty.

    One coast of this mystery land is side-offshore in tradewinds. There is a rocking town down south where you can party until dawn, then go surf a right-hander over a coral reef off a nuke plant or drive a little bit and hit a rivermouth with no-BS 8-second left-hand barrels to help cure your hangover.

    I'll post a few pics later if you're interested.
  4. dudeclimbing

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    Apr 16, 2013
    Keep it rolling fellas. The good n the bad. I figure it's an island that has to have surf. Hainan classic and such. That being said it can't be that bad. From what I have seen is no crowds at all. A couple of surf camps are down in the south. So rentals can be had. If ya have any photos or have been please chime in.