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    Feb 21, 2012
    Well done!!!^^^

    I just closed on a 1958 fixer upper. Previous owner was an alcoholic and a hoarder. Bought it for 32K under tax value. She bought it int 2007 for 81K, I bought it for 49K. Great rural neighborhood with an acre of land. Dead end street, gentleman's farm across the road. Backs up to woods. Updated electrical service. New architectural shingled roof in 2007.

    So far I have FILLED a thirty yard dumpster and burned three chip board bedroom suites.

    Found about a thousand dollars in camera equipment, some still in sealed boxes (figure about 3K retail per research on Amazon) a couple hundred dollars in coins... Sleeves of steel pennies, silver coins... Lots of hand tools... Lots of power tools. Still testing them, most have worked.

    Asbestos shingles in great condition. Plan on just hitting them with some new paint.

    Is it fun? Sometimes... Does it suck? Sometimes. We will be done with phase one of cleaning in another week. Then painting walls and refinishing cabinets and floors ourselves. I figure we will have about 3K into the house by the time it's ready to rent. It's for my daughter.
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