Illegal Mexicans

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    Wow. Interesting thread. Kind of all over the place... First of all, mexican worker in the US are generally outstanding. Most mexicans in the south west are all LEGAL. I have a large staff of employees and do all the hiring and paperwork. EVERY time we interview for kitchen work or labor positions, we find guys who are AMAZING... And then when they submit their paperwork, it is all bogus. It looks right, but I can spot the fake sh** from a mile away...

    So while most people get mad over this, in the long run, the guys who are at least using someone else's ss# is paying into OUR benefit system....

    And boy, you guys in NJ and MD think you have seen illegal immigrants everywhere.. HA! You have no idea. If the mexican population ever decides to really re-locate over to the mid-atlantic, a whole lot of people will be out of work. They can litterally take over labor markets. And I mean shut them down...

    And it only bothers those who are lazy... People label mexican's as illegals, when most of them are not....

    And the reason that there are no loads of ILLEGAL europeans, is because EUROPE DOES NOT BORDER THE US!!!

    Whoever said that there are illegal Russian and eastern European workers all over the east coast is wrong...

    They are all LEGAL travellers, who attain 3-6 month Work visas. And while some of them may bail once they get here, and stay illegally, once they do that, they forefit all of their rights in the future... But no, there is NO immigration problems with anyone but our brothers to the south....

    You dont see many russians running accross the TJ river....

    So, my best advice is to deal with it. Make sure your kids are properly educated, so they are not working manual labor positions that can ALSO be done by non-english speaking workers. I mean, EDUCATION EDUCATION EDUCATION.... Mexicans are not taking over in politics, engineering, government, teaching, law enforcement. Nothing...

    If you are a painter, a landscaper or a construction worker, then yes... Be pissed off. But in the mean time, work to start your own business, then employee LEGAL mexicans, and roll in all the money they will rake in for you... Then you will love them.
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    May 2, 2010
    The illegal Europeans I was speaking of weren't the ones working on the boardwalk. I was talking about a neighborhood of Polish in Connecticut who don't speak english. I don't care though. I just wanted to point out the singling out of Mexicans. A lot of people on the anti immigration side claim they don't like that Mexicans are taking our jobs. Most of them do the work that those who are criticizing feel they are above doing anyway. Maybe they are also upset that these people don't pay taxes or work on the books. I am willing to bet though a lot of the ones that work in fields picking tomatoes probably aren't even paid minimum wage. Maybe they are though, but I wouldn't be surprised if they weren't. Not in the least. At the end of the day I got better things to worry about than Mexicans here illegally. The ''Hard strict working class populous'' who find this the biggest deal always have something to complain about with the system. Whether it's people collecting social security disability, people recieving unemployment, people on medicaid, welfare, seniors on social security, and medicare. Homeless people getting free meals. That is why I can't identify myself with the Republican party. Most of them don't think that extreme, but the ones who do seem really heartless, and cold. I would rather not vote than vote this current administration in again, and I think I would rather not vote than vote for a Republican president.

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    Interesting opinion. A few years ago, after coming home from Iraq for the third time, I got to hear this man speak . He's known for the analogy of "Sheep, Wolves & Sheepdogs" in the enclosed link.

    Watch my previous link and then read this one. Somebody has to make the hard choices so you and I can live the life this great country promises. Unfortunately, the entire world can't be included. To think we can give an American way of life to even a small portion of the world is a completely dillusional response that denies a lot of facts. To turn a blind eye to the impact illegal aliens puts on this way life is naive, plain and simple.

    Perhaps...just perhaps... some Republican party members are trying to preserve that American way of life. And maybe...just maybe...that sheltered American way of life is giving you the luxury of not having to make that difficult decision.

    Do you hate the sheepdog?
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    Jul 31, 2010

    Hey Scobeyville you hit the nail right on the head.
    Tell your Mayors and Councilman, YOU do get rid of them or WE do get rid of YOU.
    Two times a day I travel thru Freehold on Rt 79 right past the Train Station and the Hall of Records Plaza.
    Literally at times I am the only U.S. citizen in a sea of hundreds of illegal Mexicans.
    Please no Lib-tart BS about how do you know whos legal or not.
    Grow up,step into the real world.
    Lets put this in one E-Z to understand sentence. And one question.

    You come home from work,you find that a group of people have broken in to your house and are now living there.

    Are you now required to supply them with all the things they need to live the same life that you do in your house with you just because they broke in and said we are here?

    One more thing people.
    You have got to stop this "I'm not a racist" thing before you speak.
    You make the racist thing sound legitimate.
    Its just people stealing from you, your family and your Country.........Rob
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    The sky is falling. . .

    Xenophobia runs rampant, especially among the unthinking illiterati.

    AVON RIDER Member

    Jul 31, 2010
    Just because......

    Sir, just because you have the right to do something (Speak) does not always mean you should exercise that right. Ssssshhhhhh. Others are thinking......Rob
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    Has anyone ever had the thought that the best way to help the Mexican people (and others) is to help them get their government and country in order? Bringing in millions of uneducated, unskilled people to this country is not going to help anyone. It's just going to destroy what they are coming here to enjoy. Here's some info on this

    I don't see how it's fair to help illegal immigrants and make them citizens after they broke the law when it takes a lot of time and money for legal immigrants to come here.

    I personally don't care where someone comes from, once you decide to come to this country, you need to become part of it and assimilate or you don't need to stay here.

    And as far as the idea that the illegal problem is only Mexicans, that's probably partially a result of the Mexican flags at the pro-illegal rallies and the Mexican government trying to involve itself in our internal affairs.
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    Apr 2, 2007
    We need a "LIKE" button on here.
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    If you were working your ass off for $10 a day and knew in the back of your mind all you had to do was jump over a fence to make 10 times more a day, would you do it?

    The illegal immigration problem is nothing new to our country, it's been going on for decades...No president or politician (except for Arizona's) are going to take a stand against it because if they did they would lose votes from the Hispanic community. It's just the way this ass-backward government works...

    I believe that the illegal aliens should be deported and anyone coming in should attain citizenship the right way...and I know there's plenty of other people in this country that agree, but as long as our government sits idle on this issue, there is really nothing that's going to be done...
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    Aug 26, 2008
    Well there you go! Problem solved-end of thread.;)
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    May 2, 2010
    Here is a question I have been dying to ask. I would like no one to overlook this. I really wanna know opinions on this one. Okay people are saying illegals are stealing from this country, and I am implying a lot of people don't like the fact that your tax dollars are going to them, and the social security they take out of our checks. So how do you all feel about LEGAL Americans, and I am talking about people that have always lived in this country, born in this country, that collect things like medicaid, social security disability, and financial aid for college, and all those other government subsidy? When I say social security disability I am gonna give you an example too. Someone drooling out of their mouth who is severely disabled, and ill, who cannot work, and who can barely speak. Who is not even literate? Should we cut them off, because the government is stealing from us to support them? Or do you think ''Oh thats their problem I don't give two s h i t s?'' This is the opinion I have gotten from hardcore Republicans. Some of them also think social security for seniors, and medicare should be abolished. Even though they don't give a s h i t themselves that they have been paying into it for however many years. There wouldn't be a problem with social security if the government hadn't been borrowing or better yet TAKING money out of it for their own needs.

    Now my issue with Obama, and his crew. Hopefully it will be overruled come the next president to come in. He's finished he isn't getting a second term, and I won't give him my vote for a second term, and if anyone asked my opinion I would tell them not to vote for him either. Now if Sarah Palin runs against him we are screwed, but I think most Republicans would not even vote her through the primaries. Anyway Obama imposed this health care plan. He FORCED it on us. We said we didn't want it, Democrats, Republicans, Independents alike. We said we don't want it, and he said well you're gonna get it! And now he's gonna MAKE EVERYONE get health insurance whether they can afford it or not. He says the government is gonna help you if you can't afford it, but do you really think a family with an income of $30000 a year qualifies for it? $30000 a year in the Northeast is almost at the poverty level. So Obama doesn't just wanna rob from the rich, and give to the poor, he wants to rob from the working struggling, technically middle class poor, and give to the poor. So a family making $30000 a year which goes down to the lower $20000s a year after taxes, social security, medicare, and deductions they make too much to get on medicaid, but they NEED to buy health insurance. Even if it costs them $1500 bucks a month. So they might be homeless, but at least they will have health insurance right? Maybe their nice health insurance will cover a bed in the hospital for their families to sleep in when they are out on the street.

    So sorry to derail, but this is what I think. Thats my philosophy, and honestly I actually have been enjoying where this thread is going even though it was derailed.
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    Two items that always make me laugh when broiling on about "illegal Mexicans" (or whatever popular term is being used in, (1) they are not law abiding citizens because they crossed the border illegally and (2) they pay no taxes but use all the services.

    Well, ya'll, tell me who among you fits the "law abiding" group that never speeds, did not engage in underage drinking, never screwed a chick under 18, never smoked your doobies and never worked for money under the table? Legal is legal, illegal is illegal.

    Second, on the tax front, others have already mentioned that tons of money is going into social security, medicare, state and federal taxes that undocumented aliens will never see any benefits or returns from. That is money into the Federal and state treasuries. Another argument I often hear is that the illegal's kids are getting free public school educations so send them back! Here again the story is not so simple - the undocumented are paying for a large portion of K-12 via property taxes and local sales taxes (property taxes because they either own or rent) and sales taxes, the two major sources of K-12 education.

    What I would like to hear more often when all this wailing is going on about "mexicans" having broken the law and not paid taxes -- how about that huge underground economy in the USA where small businesses, construction workers and others are earning money off the grid? How about going after them -- I'd like to see them pay Uncle Sam a few beans now and then!
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    Agreed. I have no problem with the mexican american community. The group as a whole is a incredibly positive driving force in the US economy. Although some may poke fun at them for carpooling, or having lots of guys renting out one house. But the bottom line is that they are smart. They are frugal. The dont waste money. I dont know ONE mexican who smokes ciagrettes for instance. And I know thousands of mexicans. Things like that, for the most part (I am sure a few mexicans smoke) their community does not do. It kills you and its a waste of money. They work hard. They dont spend a lot. They are religous and family oriented...

    Mexicans are great people...

    I do have a huge problem with the illegals though. There is not much to do about it, but I believe in following the rules. There are like a million LEGAL mexicans out here, and they all got in the country LEGALLY. People south of the border hit hard times and border hop to try and make a few months of money before hopping back over....

    I mean, its funny that Obama and everyone in washington is pissed at Arizona, when they sit back and do nothing, while blood spills onto american soil and cocaine is being WALKED over the border in record amounts, onto Arizona, Texas and California Streets. Its easy to sit on captial hill, no where near a border and criticize, but something needs to be done about the border. It needs to be locked down. And all racism aside, if you are looking suspicious, doing anything, a law officer has every right to ask for identification, and if you cant produce, bam, your gone. No questions asked. You should be fniger printer and tagged incase any crimes are looked into linking to them... Something... But we should build as$ wall and lock this place down. We have enough people of every color and creed in the this country. We cant let anymore white people either. No body. If you dont live here, too bad. Better get satelite TV so you can watch MTV
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    gold & guns & ammo !

    We don't have an immigration policy.
    We don't have an energy policy.
    We don't have ethics in government (elected) officials.

    This is nothing new.
    In my lifetime I've seen a few & the song is ALWAYS the same during election season & into their terms:
    Reduce gov't, clamp down on crime, stop bad gov't spending, more jobs for more Americans, cut illegal immigration, make the USA strong again, beef up the education system & cut taxes while holding down the growth of the federal gov't.

    IT'S ALL BS.

    Kennedy, Johnson, Nixon, Ford, Carter, Reagan, Daddy Bush, Clinton, Boy Bush, Obama are the ones that I've seen in my lifetime.

    It's all a crock, fellas. You want to be happy? Get yours while you're still breathing. 'Cause that is the real motto of our nation.

    Still a great place to live, everything pretty much works, but the Norman Rockwell crap went by the boards a long, long time ago.
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    Aug 3, 2008
    the polish water ice place on the boardwalk in ocmd is really good
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    This is why I am not big on the whole ''Illegal'' thing. Undocumented aliens I guess I would rather say. That doesn't mean I am denouncing the arguments on illegal immigration, but I read something with Charlie Daniels a while ago. Ya know old man Charlie Daniels who had his last big hit before I was even born. He said something along the lines of ''When you hop the border into this country you are breaking the law. So when the first thing you do in this country is illegal that's not right, and you have no business here''. I hate pegging it to the law though, because I don't think anyone including him has this perfect concept of abiding the law, and I don't think he's a model citizen to begin with. As for as everything you just listed I have done all of that. Broke all of those laws at some point or another. Bringing up working under the table makes me think of another thing. Wouldn't you think a documented citizen who was born here, and lived here forever working under the table is just as underhanded as some of these foreigners who do not pay taxes? How about the all too many people I know who receive unemployment or disability who are working under the table while collecting those checks?
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    it's not like driving over the speed limit so please don't sugar coat it. They come here ILLEGALLY which mean they violate our national sovereignty. that's a pretty big deal in my eyes.

    Here's the AKA plan for immigration:

    1. All illegals have a choice: go back to their country of origin OR enlist in the US armed services for a period of 4 years (earn citizenship).

    2. Build a completely air tight wall at the border (i'm talking Escape from New York style with mines and everything).

    3. Create a guest worker program so people can come here and work and then RETURN home.

    4. Have massive fines for employers who hire illegals.

    5. Cut back on welfare to force americans to take the jobs illegals do now.

    6. Make english the offical language of the US government.

    Plan B

    1. keep the 12 million hard working mexicans/latinos and ship 12 million american welfare dependents to mexico!
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    Got my vote! I'm not saying that I hate on Mexicans ...I like Hispanic people, their restaurants/ food, and to surf in their countries. However, I think its funny how people who want to retain the American way of life, or our VERY high standard of living, or maybe concerned about security/ safety, or who like to speak English and are therefore against unchecked immigration are called racists. Is that fair? In Polynesia (in a US owned territory) there is a native (not really... they are mix of the last 400 years of Spanish, Indians from other islands, Japanese, Filipino, etc.) who value the same things and are respected for it. Due to a proposed military buildup of US troops the "native" peoples are visibly upset with signs, protests, and even in some cases (its mostly drunk in bars or surf related) violence. They don't want their culture to change or a dramatic shift in racial makeup, they want to speak native languages, they don't want drunk US Marines to cause more trouble, and they want to retain their property, water buffalo (seriously) and standards of living in their hands... not Uncle Sam's. From time to time White people get beat up or worse ...yet these Polynesia "natives" are not viewed as racists but rather as preservers of their culture. I can't say I blame them. Point being I have never punched a Mexican in the face, I like speaking English in America, I like my culture and my standard of living that allows me to visit their countries and spend money, and I am concerned about drug violence as well as the fact that I can't tell a Mexican from an Al Queda operative so its probably best to not leave the border wide open...BUT I am not a racist. Is the US perfect? heck no! Are there things we need to change? YUP! But I don't want those things to be my culture, language, or standard of living.
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    So I hope we get some major swell during the week of August 9th...
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    We need waves....we need waves.....we need waves....:D