Indo - August w/ lady and a mate?

Discussion in 'Surf Travel' started by BKSurfer, Apr 2, 2014.

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    Sep 13, 2010
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    Apr 12, 2014
    My best advice: Go to Lohi's in the Maldives. Decent resort, some fun day trips, awesome snorkeling, and a left-hander to freaking die for! It's called Hudhundufushi now, or something like that. Rip the *** out of that wave when the tide is good, then spend the rest of the day snorkling, sunbathing, or snogging with your lady. She can chill with a cocktail on the deck next to the wave with a full on down-the-barrel view of you getting shacked.

    You can add on boat trips to other breaks if you want, but you're going to end up leaving her behind/bored a lot. Maybe do one or two and then do whatever stupid trip she thinks would be fun (picnic on a desert island, sea turtles, etc.)

    The downside is that the resort is pretty sub-par for the Maldives. Expect broken A/C, occasional HUGE bugs in the bizarre outdoor bathroom, and staff who don't give a crap. Still, it's freaking gorgeous and you can stay tanked on all-you-can drink wine and beer. The water bungalows might be better equipped, but they're obscenely expensive. I got a deal through an ozzie surf company called world surfari or something. The base hotel rate was super-cheap once I stripped out airfare and most of the side surf trip stuff.

    Here's a pic of Lohi's I posted before:

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    Hello SI. Looking like I'm also headed to Indo in August. Figured I'd post up here before making my own thread.

    Any updates, BKsurfer? Did you choose Indo or the Ments, and how were the crowds/waves?

    I'll also be with my GF, who surfs occasionally.

    Im stoked on Indo but conflicted by reports of crowds/size. I'm comfortable in slightly OH waves but surf Beachies only. My coworker got his face broken in Indo badly; with this in mind I'm not looking for a kamikaze reef mission. Just trying to maximize my wave time and level up my skill and stoke.
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    oh canada when willl you give up lol toronto....
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    oh zach why did you leave the south carolina clan.
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    Stop posting so much
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    Kima surf camp in Bali is awesome , they have five different camps all over the island. Canggu and Green ball are my favorites. They have a semi secret break at Canngu called punch that is a bad ass point break that was always firing with almost no crowd ( kinda rare there nowadays). Green ball is gorgeous and had killer wave plus its on the Bukit peninsula and super close t Uluwatu. Kima camps have a mix of beginner to advanced but most of the advanced trips aren't crowded. We rolled out with six of us including two Balinese guides mostly but sometimes it was just myself and the guides.